Feb 03 2006

China Trip Update

The following letter is from Darin Yee (7th Dan) who is organizing an exciting trip to China.  If you’ve ever thought about going there, and experiencing the root systems from which ours was extracted, this would be the opportunity!

Contact Darin if you have an interest in going.
Paul Haydu


Greetings to All,

As promised, I now have a firm price for our IUKF trip to China.  This price
will be $3,600 for an all inclusive 2 weeks trip from Boston, to China and
back.  Your individual price may vary slightly depending on your point of
origins.  This price will not include visa, alcoholic beverages, gratuities,
shopping or meals outside of the main group.

Depending on the selected airline, we will all meet in either San Diego, San
Fran or LA from our prospective airports and leave for Hong Kong together. 
Bob Campbell will greet us in Hong Kong and will be our host for the next
two days until we leave by boat to China (not a junk).  This boat will take
us into Gin Yoke (Chinese pronunciation, spelling may not be what is listed
in our maps)where we will be greeted by Sifu Wong and our transport to our
hotel in Toi San.

We will spend 10 days of working out and trips to other cities every other
day to shop and sight see.  Cities like Gwan Jou, Fosan, Hoi Pin, Toi Narm
and others.  We will also be invited to visit some of the most well known
martial arts schools in the area and surrounding towns.  There are some
night life in the area, but we’ll talk about that when the time comes.

What I need from all interested is your money deposit of $1,000 by the end
of March.  I will need your valid passport sent to me with another partial
payment of $1,000 by the end of April.  When I get your visas I will invoice
you for them.  By the end of June, 2006 I should have received your payments in full so I can reserve your rooms in Hong Kong, and various parts of

Other then the money commitment, I will make up a form and post it on our
IUKF site.  Anyone can download and print out this form and send it back to
me.  My address will be listed.

This should be a great educational trip as well as a relaxing exchange of
culture.  We will not be going up north to see the great wall this trip. 
From where we are going to Beijing is an 8 hour plane ride.  We can plan
that for our next trip to China.


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