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E-book now available for both new and current members

by George Mattson

Current IUKF members who would like to receive a copy of George Mattson’s exciting, new-edition Black Belt Test Guide in electronic form may write to George with their email and postal addresses, plus phone numbers.  In return, George will email them the e-book URL, so that you may access it online.  He can be reached by emailing him at gmattson@uechi-ryu.com.  There will be no charge for IUKF members.  Those who are not members but wish to receive this book, should consider joining, and will receive this book at no cost, as well as many other benefits, including discounts on camps, seminars, training gear, books and videos.

          This book is the most readable of any e-book I’ve seen.  The pages turn like a physical book.  But unlike a hand-held book, when you’re reading the table of contents and find a section that you’d like to read, you just click on its page, and you’re there.  The contents are revised, and will be updated and upgraded as when changes are made by the Board.  Videos are included and accessible just by clicking.  The Forward gives a historical account of the IUKF, and explains it’s current mission and function.
          All in all, I am sure you be very pleased and interested by this cutting edge, and very enjoyable book.

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