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Thanks and Congratulations!

by George Mattson

The IUKF Board of Directors would like to thank Jay Salhanik for his many years of dedicated service to the group.  His special talent and passion has been Tournament direction, and uniformity of Dan testing.  These are areas where Uechi students learn to explore their art and progress strongly.  Jay has been a very hard worker and innovative influence, and has set a standard of work ethic that others will want to follow.  We thank him for all he has done, and wish him well in taking some time off for personal and family matters…. A rest well deserved!

We would also like to congratulate John Page who has been Jay’s assistant, and will be taking over as the IUKF Tournament Director.  John has already expressed many good ideas for his area of interest, and has the experience needed to make good decisions.  Being a lawyer will be a related asset in his day to day management skills.  The Board of Directors welcomes John officially into his new role and look forward to working with him!

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