Dec 11 2013

Congratulation Buzz Durkin!

It has been my honor to have participated in many anniversaries, tournaments and celebratory events during my many years as a martial art participant. None have come close to the annual black belt presentations and celebrations that Buzz Durkin has created and hosted over the 40 years he has taught Uechi-ryu in New Hampshire.

I hope you enjoy the brief highlights his dojo has created, which you can view by clicking on the image. Congratulation on your first 40 Buzz sensei. I’m looking forward to helping you celebrate the next 40 as well. . .

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Dec 09 2013

5th Uechi-ryu World

5th Uechi Ryu World Cup Official Invitation

To All Uechi Ryu Karate Do Practitioners and Masters

Dear Sensei,

Through this letter, I have the pleasure to invite you and through you to all instructors and students to participate in the Championships called:

“5th  Uechi Ryu World Cup”

The last World Cup was in 2012 in Argentina with 12 countries participating, now the 5th World Cup will be in Miami Florida United States from Junes 9th until June 16th organized by Sensei Gustavo Gondra & hosted by Sensei Facundo Gallero 5* Degree Black Belt Uechi Ryu Karate Do, the 6 World Cup will be in Cali city Colombia, hosted by Sensei Jorge Chamorro Molineros 6 Degree Black Belt Uechi Ryu Karate Do.

This event will be open to all Schools of Traditional Uechi Ryu Karate-Do, Shohei Ryu, Okinawan and Japanese lines. The overall organization of the Championship is in charge of Uechi Ryu World Cup Organization.

We will use Traditional Shobu-San-Bon for Adults Male and Traditional Shobu-Nihon for Children’s and Female, the Rules regulations will be complete at the Web

We especially invited to give seminars at the World Cup, Kancho Takemasa Gosei Okuyama 9 * Degree Black Belt Traditional Karate, President of Hachi-O- Kai World Budo Federation, Tsukasa Gushi 7* Degree Black Belt Ryukokaku and Hanshi Gustavo Gondra 9* Degree Black Belt Uechi Ryu.

Uechi Ryu World Cup Organization is an organization that promotes the Union of Uechi Ryu style around the World through a global event held every two years. Participation is free and open under the International Regulations that owns the entity.

All lines are welcome to join this movement without any political matters.

Hoping to have you here to create strong spirit and energy


Gustavo Gondra
9* Dan Hanshi – Shihan Master Instructor  
President Uechi Ryu World Cup Organization  

Facundo Gallero
5* Dan Shihan Master Instructor
Member & Organizer

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Nov 23 2013

Perfect Gift – for all Martial Artist


Contact Dana for Information:

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Nov 13 2013

Fall Regional Workout

New England Seniors

New England Seniors

            The IUKF sponsored Fall Regional Workout was held In Middletown, Rhode Island this passed Saturday hosted by Sensei James Nuzzo.  Sensei Jim was a student of the late Sensei Charles Earl who was an early student of Sensei George Mattson when our original dojo was still on Columbus Ave, Boston.  Sensei Charlie Earl was a tall and powerful man and good portion of Sensei Jim’s seminar reflected much of Sensei Charlie Earl’s teachings.  Sensei Jim has grown and evolved into an excellent Uechi-Ryu student and teacher.  He has indeed absorbed all that was taught to him and custom fitted that knowledge on his path to becoming a master.

            These workouts are indicative to the values of everything we teach.  We as individual must learn from the roots of Uechi-Ryu and transform that which we are taught to merge with our personal mind, body and spirit.  All of our workouts lead by the different senseis has certainly demonstrated that.  I find that the more people I work out with, the more I enrich my understanding regardless of how many years I’ve dedicated to the study of martial arts.

This workout was attended by approximately 35 enthusiastic practitioners ranging from hachi-dan and down.  Our workouts are meant for all who seek knowledge and not haunted by rank, arrogance and ego.  Our guests are from many different Uechi-Ryu organizations.  As a matter of fact, Our Kenyukai brothers have offered to host a workout and that will be announced when a date is confirmed.

I offer these workouts to a few of my younger black belts and they had a blast.  I will do the same for the future workouts as I can clearly see the benefits and the experiences these workouts have given them.

ne-reg-workout2-2013            I encourage all respectable dojo owners, senseis and dojo managers to please follow our regional workouts and come join us.  There are no political agenda or obligations.  We simply want to get to know our Uechi-Ryu family and to share from our learning and experiences.   

Darin Yee

Note from Jim to Darin:


I hope you left with some take-a-ways from Saturday’s seminar.  It’s always worthwhile when a large group of Uechi-Ryu Black Belts get together to share thoughts and techniques.

All of you drove long distances to work out with me.  Thanks you for your support.  Hopefully, there were a few things to add to your training.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from teaching it’s the teacher who is the student and student is truly the teacher.  Thank you for all the lessons you brought on the mat.

Thanks for coming down, look forward to seeing you at your school.  Feel free to call me if you’d like to pick a time to train together.

Shihan Jim

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Oct 25 2013

IUKF N.E. Regional Training

gem at super summer seminars-2012
The next New England regional training will be held by Sensei James Nuzzo of Amerkick
Martial arts. Please join us Nov 9th Saturday at 2:00 pm for a two hour class. Fifteen
dollars for the class and please join us for dinner after class. The following will be just a
few of the thing that Sensei will be covering in the class:.

  • Uechi why it’s “offensive” and not “defensive” concept behind the “baseball” theory.
  • Sanchin’s hidden moves
  • Wauki Blocks why they are superior to other styles
  • How and why Uechi techniques differ from Kenpo
  • Theory and application of stepping forward towards attack.
  • Uechi moves beyond traditional practice weapon attacks, takedowns,breaks and more.
  • Uechi applications in sparring and kickboxing

For more information on James Nuzzo and Amerikick Martial Arts please visit or call 401-644-5709

RK Plaza gNext to Job Lots & McDonaldsh
288 East Main Road
Middletown R.I. 02842

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Sep 28 2013

Introducing the “MyHerman” Impact Trainer

video-clip-imageThe NEW wireless Herman Interactive Training System is now available! Click Here to access the new site.


The remarkable Herman Impact Trainer was first introduced to the martial arts community at the 2010 SummerFest. Roy Bedard and Robb Buckland proved that their punch and kick techniques out powered everyone else’s, documented by Herman’s sensitive sensors and recorded in detailed statistical charts.

Since that introduction of this fascinating training tool, I’ve been learning many ways this training tool can be used in the dojo or at home. Whether a complete aerobic workout is selected or a complex set of reaction-time tests, the Trainer;s controller quickly and simply creates your workout. Herman builds your workout and is ready for action in less than a minute.

Kids absolutely love the trainer. . . and Herman’s versatile sensor can be fine-tuned to register the softest of hits from your six year old child to the earth shattering kicks of a Roy Bedard or Robb Buckland!

I’ received so many requests for information regarding the Trainer, that I began selling them last year in the Uechi-ryu store and last week decided to create a short clip showing how the Trainer can be used and how simple it is to set up.

I’ve made a special arrangement with the manufacturer that lowers the price quite a bit for orders received until the end of October. Check out the clip and order yours today during this very special offer. Order yours today in our Uechi-ryu secure store!

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Aug 25 2013

IUKF NE Regional Open Workout


The IUKF had another great regional training class on Sat August 24th. Practitioners from all over New England made their way up to Plymouth,New Hampshire to train with the students of White Mountain Karate. WMK and Christian Maine would like to thank Sensei Dave Kelly for making the trip to teach us various applications of kata and energy movement with our kata. Dave Kelly is an outstanding practitioner and teacher that trains with Sensei Buzz Durkin and the Butokukai association. Along with over 30 years of training in Uechi Ryu, Dave retired from the NH state police as a Major and has real world experience in self defense.

This class was the 3rd regional training of the year and along with the first two, it was a big success. I wanted to make sure to thank the IUKF and Sensei George Mattson for all the hard work over the years.Without the Federation and its members we would not have the opportunity to have this gathering of fine martial artists. The Federation gives us the segway to plan and coordinate the regional events.

I would like to thank Sensei Darin Yee yet again for being the man on the front line here in New England. Darin is a huge help to the dojos that are hosting these events by getting the word out and helping with any planing to make the event a success.

Finally on behalf of W.M.K. and its students, thank you to all the practitioners that made the drive up. We hope to train with you all again soon. If you’re ever up in the beautiful White Mountain Region of N.H. you’re more than welcome to stop by the dojo and train with us.

Christian Maine

White Mountain Karate


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