Aug 24 2006

Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Fall Camp



October 6,7 & 8, 2006 Friday 7:00 pm through Sunday noon

Bertie Backus Gymnasium
5171 South Dakota Ave N.E.
Washington, DC 20011

This camp is designed for all martial artists, white belt through black belt.
Age requirements: 10 or older. Instructors may allow attendance of children under 10 on a case-by-case basis. Only those children mature enough should attend.


10 or older. Instructors may allow attendance of children under 10 on a case-by-case basis. Only those children mature enough should attend.

Kyoshi’s Doug Perry, Kimo Wall, Bill Hayes & Shorinkan Kyoshi’s
Hanshi Jim Logue
Train with the best traditional Okinawan Karate and Kobudo instructors.
Dojo heads bringing (10) ten or more students may attend camp at no charge.
Camp Fees:
Camp fee only:
On or before September 25, 2006: $100.00

After September 25, 2006: $115.00


After September 25, 2006:

After September 25, 2006:

Hotel Information:
Quality Inn and Suites
7200 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD 20785
(301) 276-1000
Cost: $89.00 per night (Must make reservations on or before 9/30/06.
Ask for: Welch’s Karate-Do
Camp Check-in
Check-in will start at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, October 6, 2006 at the gymnasium.

For Information
Call (301) 559-3400 or (202) 210-6364 with any questions you may have. Ask for Eb or Vivian Welch or e-mail to or

Flight Information:
If you are flying in and need airport pickup, we will be happy to meet you and provide transportation to and from the hotel. Please call and/or e-mail us in advance with your flight information.

Yours in karate-do
Eberhard G. Welch, Sr.


Camp Director


Registration Form
Name: _______ ____________ Age:
Address: ___________________________________________


City: _____________________ State:Zip: ______
E-mail address: __________________________________________________________
Phone: _______ ____________ Emergency Phone:
Rank: _______ Instructor: __________________
Camp T-Shirts $15.00 ea. Sm___ Med___ Lg___ XL___ XXL___ XXXL___
Amount Paid (Camp): __ Balance Due: __


Gi, Extra Gi, toilet articles, casual clothes, camera and all karate and kobudo articles you would like to train with.




Take Route 95 South to I-495 (Capital Beltway). Travel North on Beltway to Exit 22B (Baltimore Washington Parkway). Take Baltimore/Washington Parkway to New York Ave. (RT 50 West). Follow directions for Route 50 West.


Take Route 50 West into Washington, DC to South Dakota Avenue (look for Tournament Signs). Bear right onto South Dakota Avenue and travel passing a McDonald’s on left, make right on Hamilton Street and left onto the parking lot.
95/395 NORTH


Take 95/395 North to I-495 (Capital Beltway). Go East to Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Cross Bridge into Maryland and Take Exit #2 onto Route I-295 North. Travel to Route 50 West (New York Avenue). Follow Directions for Rt. 50 West.


Take Exit 9 onto I-495 South to Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Cross bridge into Maryland and take Exit #2 onto Route I-295 North. Travel to Route 50 West (New York Avenue). Follow directions for Route 50 West.


Take the Yellow or Blue Line from Reagan/National Airport to Metro Center. Then take the Red Line Train to Fort Totten Station. The Gymnasium is across the street from the station.
Welch’s Okinawan Karate-Do
P.O. Box 29342
Washington, DC 20017-0342
301-559-3400 or 301-559-3400 (fax)
202-210-6364 (cell)

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Aug 22 2006

Kobudo Camp


       Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan USA Camp
                         September 14~17, 2006
                               San Diego – USA


GUEST INSTRUCTOR:                       
                            Franco Sanguinetti Sensei:
Okinawa Goju Ryu Roku Dan (6th Dan), Matayoshi Kobudo Go Dan (5th
                            Dan) & Iai-Do Sho-Dan (1st Dan), Sensei Sanguinetti is the Chief Instructor of the Bushikan Budo Kyokai
                            and the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan USA with Honbu Dojo in San Diego. He is the instructor responsible
                            for Kobudo in the Shorei Shobu Kan organization and is a representative of the Mayayoshi Family in the
                            U.S.A. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Kobudo for the USKA organization.
                            He has trained in Karate and Kobudo for over 34 years. His karate and Kobudo background includes
                            intensive training in Japan and Okinawa. He has been a member of the Peruvian and Venezuelan National
                            Karate Teams.

     Bushikan Budo Kyokai – Honbu Dojo
                           1665 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., Suite A
                            San Marcos, California – USA * see map at: 

DATES:              September 14~17, 2006

HOST:                Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan USA – Franco Sanguinetti Sensei
                        (760) 744-5560

EVENT:              6th Annual MKKU Gasshuku

        Matayoshi Kobudo
                              Please see more details at:

PARTICIPANTS:  Beginners, intermediate, advanced & instructors.

TIMES:                  Thursday: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
                                Friday:     4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
                                Saturday:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm
                                Sunday:    9:00 am – 1:00 pm

REGISTRATION: ON LINE: login to our web page and register on-line at:
                                Visa and Master Card accepted.
                                 BY MAIL:
  login to our web page, print Registration Form and mail in with your payment to:
                                 Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan USA
                                 1665 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., Suite A
                                 San Marcos, California 92078 – USA

CERTIFICATE:    All Gasshuku participants will receive a MKKU Certificate of Completion.

WEAPONS:           Everyone must provide their own weapons for training.  If anyone would like
                                to order weapons, or has any questions regarding the necessary weapons,
                                please contact Sanguinetti Sensei at (760) 744-5560.

DINNER:               There will be an optional reception and dinner Saturday, September 16, 2006
                                The cost for the dinner will be $25.00 per person. Attire: Jacket & tie please.

HOTELS:               Motel 6 – Carlsbad  (760) 438-1242
                                La Quinta Inn – Vista  (760) 727-8180
                                Ramada Inn Suites – Carlsbad (760) 438-2285

ATTRACTIONS:  World famous San Diego Zoo (619) 234-3153, Sea World (619) 226-3901
                                and the Wild Animal Park (760) 747-8702, as well as many other attractions.


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Aug 22 2006

Cops learn how to do their jobs in water

Written by Todd McInturf / The Detroit News
Law enforcement personnel from the U.S. Coast Guard, the Oakland County Sheriffs Office and Macomb County Sheriffs Office Marine Divisions train on Lake St. Clair Friday on suspect apprehension, officer water survival and victim rescue when in the water.

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Aug 20 2006

Traditional Karate Tournament Schedule


DATE: August 26-27

EVENT: Seminar

LOCATION: Rochester Recreation Center-Rochester, NH

STYLE: Shotokan

ORGANIZATION: Shotokan Karate International Federation

INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Kenzo Dozono

CONTACT: Mr. Mike Cook at (207) 491-5874 or

DATE: September 10

EVENT: Tournament

LOCATION: Hawthorne High School-Hawthorne, NJ


CONTACT: Mr. Ed DiNardo at (973) 423-5555 or
DATE: September 23

EVENT: Sports Medicine Symposium

LOCATION: Long Island University-Brooklyn, NY

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Milorad Stricevic and Ms. Meral Olmez

CONTACT: Mr. Georges Aschkar, Jr. at (718) 740-3493

DATE: September 24

EVENT: Tournament

LOCATION: Long Island University-Brooklyn, NY


CONTACT: Mr. Georges Aschkar, Jr. at (718) 740-3493
DATE: October 6-7

EVENT: USA Karate Federation National Championships

LOCATION: University of Akron-Akron, OH

CONTACT: USA Karate Federation HQ at (330) 753-3114 or usakf@raex
DATE: October 14-15

EVENT: Seminar

LOCATION: Syosset Martial Arts Center-Syosset, NY


STYLE: Shotokan

ORGANIZATION: American JKA Karate Association

CONTACT: Mr. Avi Azoulay at

DATE: October 28

EVENT: Kobudo Seminar

LOCATION: Royal Regency Hotel-Yonkers, NY

STYLE: Yamani Ryu Bojutsu

INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Toshihiro Oshiro

CONTACT: Mr. Cleveland Baxter at 914-665-2752 or
DATE: October 28

EVENT: Referee Seminar

LOCATION: Baxter Karate Dojo-Mt. Vernon, NY


INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Cleveland Baxter

CONTACT: Mr. Cleveland Baxter at 914-665-2752 or

DATE: October 29

EVENT: Tournament

LOCATION: Westchester Community College-Valhalla, NY


CONTACT: Mr. Cleveland Baxter at 914-665-2752 or
DATE: February 3-4, 2007

EVENT: Disneyland Martial Arts Festival

LOCATION: Disneyland Resort-Anaheim, CA


CONTACT: Mr. Gene Tibon at (209) 465-0943 or
DATE: February 11, 2007

EVENT: Florida Citrus Cup

LOCATION: Broward Community College-Coconut Creek, FL


CONTACT: Mr. Gilbert Venero at (954) 443-8182
DATE: March 3, 2007

EVENT: Arnold Schwarzenegar Karate Championships

LOCATION: Nationwide Arena-Columbus, OH


CONTACT: Mr. Tokey Hill at or (516) 625-9695

DATE: April 5-8, 2007

EVENT: Ozawa Cup International Karate Tournament

LOCATION: Flamingo Casino and Hotel-Las Vegas, NV


CONTACT: Mr. James Tawatao at (702) 873-0891 or

DATE: April 6, 2007

EVENT: USA-NKF Junior Olympics

LOCATION: Caesar’s Palace-Las Vegas, NV

CONTACT: USA-NKF Headquarters (206) 440-8386

DATE: April 7-8, 2007


LOCATION: Caesar’s Palace-Las Vegas, NV

CONTACT: USA-NKF Headquarters (206) 440-8386

DATE: April 12-15, 2007

EVENT: Training Camp

LOCATION: Holiday Inn Boardwalk-Atlantic City, NJ

ORGANIZATION: USA Shotokan Karate Federation

INSTRUCTORS: Mr. Thomas Casale, Mr. Paul Lopresti, Mr. Sal Lopresti, Mr. Ged Moran, and Mr. Ron Romano,

CONTACT: Mr. Sal Lopresti at (856) 589-5126 or

DATE: July 13-15, 2007

EVENT: USA-NKF National Championships

LOCATION: Charleston Convention Center-Charleston, WV

CONTACT: USA-NKF Headquarters (206) 440-8386
Well that’s all for now. Hope you are doing well.


Ray Toy

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Aug 15 2006

Redman article


RedMan “101 “

Where they come from and where they are now!
“Multilevel Training Platform”



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Aug 14 2006

Articles (New)


If you are new to Uechi-ryu and are looking for an excellent basic visual instruction, please check out my

new four hour private lesson Basic course .

Also: GrandMaster Kanei Uechi’s Kyhon…. Text translation by David Smith.

Also: All new 3rd edition Black Belt Test Guide with latest video clips covering all segments of the Shodan Black Belt Test requirements.


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Aug 13 2006

Naihanchi’s Mook Jong Drills

Naihanchi Mook Jong by Ron Shively (Adobe format) August, 2006

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Jul 10 2006

Lifetime Membership now available!

     After doing considerable research, including looking at over twenty well-known international organizations, the Board has completed its work on Lifetime Membership.  This will be a good offering for serious Uechi practitioners, who plan to be working out, and part of the IUKF 10, 15, or 20 years from now.  This elite membership identifies you as a serious practitioner, and supporter of the IUKF.  It also will protect you from inflation-driven higher costs of membership in the future!

     Please contact our Membership Coordinator, David Berndt for more information, at

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Jul 02 2006

Junior Rules Book complete!

      After a considerable period of intense and hard work, John Page has completed an improved and updated version of the Junior Rules for Tournament organization and participation.  John deserves a hearty "Thanks" from all of us.  Please tell him so, when you see him at Summer Camp!

     The Junior Rules book includes specific information on equipment, clarifies target areas vs. areas of contact, and give ample detail on the role and conduct of judges and referees. 

     This will be posted on the IUKF website.  Please check it out.
Best to all,
Paul Haydu

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Jul 01 2006

Name and Face Recognition project

Recently I received an excellent suggestion from Jay Salhanick, that we create and post information of interest to IUKF members, and those thinking about joining the organization.  Board member Henry Thom, recently back from 6 months in China on business, jumped in with both feet!  Henry is in the process of writing about both Uechi and IUKF history, so that it will be available to all who are interested.

In addition, he is creating a database that will highlight IUKF Seniors from 6th Dan and up, and will contain photos plus biographies of all these teachers and senior practitioners.  This way, you’ll get to know your IUKF seniors,  how the organization was formed, and how it is currently funtioning. 

If anyone has questions or suggestions for this project, please contact Henry, or myself

Paul Haydu

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