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“Happenings” around the Uechi-ryu World!

by George Mattson
Happenings of interest around the Uechi World. . . .
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I am constantly amazed at how many people still have difficulty navigating the Internet. Naturally I’m comfortable with our website. . . after all, I designed and created it! 🙂 However, I get at least one or two email a day from frustrated loyal followers of the site, who can’t figure out how to navigate the table of contents in the left frame.
Others, fearful of clicking the wrong link and destroying their computer or worse, our web site, will avoid all links, hoping that by “refreshing” the screen many times, that different pages will eventually pop up.
Still others, register for the Uechi-ryu site (this one) then expect to be able to post on the forums. Actually, this is not a dumb assumption; After all, both sites are run by me and share the same server. But for various reasons, I elected to keep these two sites separate and therefore if you wish to unlock a number of interesting areas here, you must register where indicated in the left frame. (By the way, I finally had a little time and was able to find just about all of the “lost” links in the archives, articles and other sites. These are only available to registered members of this site.)
Since I don’t often have time to “explore” the site, if any of you come across a missing link, a typo or other error, please feel free to contact me.
Now… Whats happening in the Uechi world that you should be interested in:
  • Hopefully you will all be joining me at this year’s SummerFest. It will be held July 27-29th at the Mass Maritime Academy. The application was just posted. You can print it out right now, fill it out and send it in with your payment. SummerFest is “THE” Martial Art Festival! Please plan to attend. You will (I promise) have a great time – meet lots of fantastic and friendly people and you will learn lot about many Uechi-compatible martial art systems.

  • Having run camps since 1983, I can tell you it is lots of work and often times very frustrating. No one does it for money and quite a few individuals who thought it was a great way to make a buck, ran their first one and promptly discovered that “George is crazy – this is all work and to top that off, I lost money!” So I’m always happy when another serious martial artist worker steps up to the plate and runs his 2nd and 3rd event. No, I’m not upset that there is more than one camp. I do get a little upset over the apathy and lack of support within the M.A. community though. We should be very happy that someone is willing to spend all the time, money and energy necessary to run a camp. Every dojo should be sending bus loads of their students to these events. Camps “recharge” batteries of overworked teachers and motivate students to remain with their dojo. Yes, they may elect to take a grappling course after seeing a Joe Pomfret in action, but because the camps emphasize the compatibility of different martial arts, students discover that their Uechi is the core system that helps them excel at other programs that they may wish to also learn.
  • OK… speech over… Now consider that in New England we now have two fantastic opportunities to experience the very finest martial arts anywhere, why not take advantage of them both:
  • Shugyo Training Camp
    2007 Shugyo Training Camp
    June 8th, 9th and 10th


Shugyo- Any rigorous, severe and intense training regimen of endurance that drives one past outermost limits of his or her physical, mental and emotional capabilities.

Join us for 3 days of intensive kihon, kumite and kata training. If you want to take your karate training to the next level, then our Shugyo Camp is what you need! This is an excellent opportunity for students and teachers of all ranks, styles and abilities to improve on their kumite and kata skills, push their mental and physical endurance and train with other Karate-ka from all over North America.

This year we will be having students from all over New England and Canada joining us in Moultonboro, NH on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee.To register, please contact:
Andrew Moores
Atlantic Karate Training Center
18 Lafayette Rd. North Hampton, NH
Phone: 603-964-1555
Email: amoores@atlantickarate.com

  • And, of course, don’t forget to sign-up soon for my annual SummerFest. Bring your friends, bring your family. “Get involved!”
  • Check out the Picture Gallery (I’m not going to give you a link… learn to use the T.O.C. on the left! :)) Darin Yee’s new dojo and Rec Center open house pictures have been posted.
  • Also in the Picture Gallery: New pictures of the IUKF’s China trip.
  • Wow…. the new e-Books are doing well. Dave Smith’s wonderful translation of GrandMaster Kanei Uechi’s Kyhon is a “must have” companion book to the Japanese hard cover edition. Even if you are not fortunate enough to have a copy, now you can learn everything that Grandmaster Uechi passed on to the martial art community.


kyhonNew!!! David W. Smith’s English Translation of Grand Master Kanei Uechi’s Kyhon! Yes, this is the work you have been waiting for. Order your English translated (text only) Karate Kyhon. A companion book for those who have or may not have the Original Kyhon!

Click Here to order

Check out the other titles as well.
Later….. GEM

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