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Martial Arts “Redman” Training

by George Mattson
What to Expect in March 2007 for the New RedMan Program!

Even though we will be inside the dojo training we will be taking the training to various locations to enhance the environments we are being placed in….and show you how you can safely simulate these in your training areas!1. Stance/Balance/Movement (Standing) – Without these 3 factors defending oneself is nearly impossible. We will address foot work needed, various types of footwear and drills you can easily practice at home. Patterns of movement help is many ways –
• Helps build power
• Opens targets
• Helps with blocking and striking
• Assist in counters
• Enhances your tactical combinations
• Drills to build confidence for your students

2. Falling by self – Falling properly is not only critical but can
be life saving at times. Being able to teach your students how to fall
properly is very important. Especially if your falling in an area were
you do not have a padded floor to protect you. We will address;
• How to fall WITHOUT injury on hard surfaces
• How to teach falling SAFELY
• How to fall and set up your initial position for response
• Drills you can do at home

Positioning (Defense Positions) – The physical position you are in when
being attacked can greatly assist you in a favorable outcome.
Protecting yourself from what is attacking you and from what you can
not see as well.
• Standing Defense Positions
• Kneeling Defense Positions
• Ground Defense Positions
• Ground Guard Positions
• Grappling Positions and transition between each one

Importance of verbalization – When engaging or disengaging from a
threat laying the verbal foundation for use of force is the first step
towards your defense; BEFORE THE FIRST PUNCH IS THROWN
• Redirection tactics
• Controlling the conversation
• Reading between the lines
• Tactical Phrasing

Blocking & Striking (Standing) – A block without a follow up is a
second change for an attacker, we will show you how to control the pace
of the attack with reasonable tactics you are physically able to
• Various Hand, Arm , Shoulders, Knees and Feet Blocks
• Movement techniques for blocking
• Hand, Arm, Elbow, Knee Strikes and Kicks
• How to Select the right target and justify that target
• Breathing and Power Development – How to HIT HARDER

Tactical Combinations – Learning how to set up your offensive strategy
and which one works better for you is vital when you are facing your
• 1-2 Combinations
• 2-3 Combinations
• Slipping to takedowns
• Counter Striking
• Defending the takedown

Ground Stabilization – There are many reasons for needing to hold your
attacker in one place, you are hurt, you’re exhausted and need a few
minutes, you need to gather your thoughts
• Holding them down on their back or Stomach
• Safe Zones you can control
• Holding them down on their knees
• Holding them down against a car or wall

Environmental Training – I am taking a guess that over 100 years there
has never been a student attacked for their life inside a dojo (unless
there were being robed and even then that is a rare occurrence). This
will teach the instructor how to take the above topics and drill them
in actual environments the student will be attacked in.
• Crowded Malls
• Stairwells
• Dark Places
• At their car
• Walking from a restaurant etc…

RedMan Equipment (Instructor/Student Suits and Striking Bags)-
Liability is not only outside of the training arena but inside it as
well. We will focus on the correct use of protective equipment for the
RedMan XP gear!
• Instructor/Student Suits & Striking Sheilds
• How to take the hit SAFELY
• How to Conduct SAFE High Level Confrontations
• How to development instructor skills needed to control the class

Dave Young
Stay Safe, Stay Strong, STAY A LIVE!

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