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Happy New Year All. . .

by George Mattson
Happy New Year to all members and visitors to Uechi-ryu.com and Eastern Arts, from the Mattson family here in Florida.
Tonight is Susan and my wedding anniversary. Sue thought it would be a good idea to pick a day that I could hardly forget! 🙂
I’m lucky because we met on the evening that “Tiny” Tim got married on the Johnny Carson show. (Another date I’ll never forget) After a “blind” date meeting that went rather well, we ended up in a friend’s home watching the Late show together.
That was a lot of years ago and aside from a few business trips I’ve taken alone, we’ve seldom been out of one another’s sight since.

Not sure if this is a good formula for a successful marriage, but in our case we make a great team. Love and respect for one another is an irreplaceable part of a successful marriage and during those infrequent times when we have differences, Tia is always there to straighten out the problem. Oh yes. . . A good dog is another must for a successful relationship. 🙂

In Van Canna’s honor, I was going to write a lengthy treatise on breathing, but decided that my New Year gift to you all was to postpone the article until next year. 🙂

Be kind to everyone and enjoy (with the Mattson family) a healthy, happy and very prosperous New Year.
And. . . please, for me. . . Take the time to do something very nice for a friend, acquaintance or even a stranger. . . every day. I promise you will be pleased and generously rewarded. GEM

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