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Bill Bauknecht

by George Mattson
From Paul Haydu: 1984 Seminar by G. Mattson in Cardiff, CA.
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Bill Bauknecht
Bill bauknecht
Down many times – but he always bounces back. . .

Bill Bauknecht, Survivor and good guy, celebrates his 50th wedding anniversary!
Susan and I sent him and his bride “Suzie” a congratulatory message last week and received the following from Bill today. We thought all his friends would enjoy his response. . .


Thank you. We had a very pleasant celebration, our kids played a trick on us. Saturday, we had them over for cake and ice cream for David’s birthday,,,the 23rd, his 37th!!.

Vicki had warned us, make no plans for Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. We figured we would all be going to Foxwood’s or something, as we did on Mother’s Day.

So Sat. before they left they gave us directions to North Conway, NH. Now we have always liked it there, both in the winter, when we all skied, and in the fall too. They couldn’t come as most were busy. So we left around noon Sunday and it was a dull trip as we are thinking how we do like it up there, but, we have no one to celebrate our 50th with. Suzie had a couple crying spells.

Anyway, to make a long story short,,we had to call Vicki several times to find the “condo”, the itinerary would be in the condo. W finally found the place and thought how nice, they had the people put a large Happy 50th anniversary out in front of the place. We took our stuff and went inside, it was a four story condo and we didn’t know where we were supposed to stay. I looked in the bedroom on the first floor and didn’t find any “itinerary”.

We went to the second floor where there was a large fireplace with a big fire going. Once again I thought they had the people fix things up and ready for us. Well, the third floor was open with a railing across and when both of us got to the fireplace, all hell broke loose. Everyone,,the whole bunch yelled surprise!!!

Happy Anniversary. It was ALL the kids and All the grandkids. We were so surprised, this ole tough guy was in tears. We had a ball, it couldn’t have been a better celebration and we were and are just tickled. We always have such a good time with the whole family but it’s hard to get them all together. But they all were there, had their cars hidden.

They had food there plus we went out for our anniversary dinner. Some went sking, and I had been promising Suzie a sleigh ride for 50 years but never produced . Well, they had it all arranged, we went for our sleigh ride. We got home late yesterday.

What’s funny, I have been sick with the flu for 3 weeks, I still felt kind of bad when we left Sunday. All my symptoms left, I feel great and I slept better than I have for months. Tom even cooked my eggs in the morning, to perfection. lol. It was perfect. We are so thankful we have such a wonderful family, sometimes you forget, then something like this brings everybody together. There were lots of hugs.

One thing I really wanted more than anything, was to make it to our 50th. I told Suzie this morning, might as well go for 60. Thank you for your wishes, thank you for being our very good friends. We have been very fortunate.

Love from the old timers
Bill And Suzie

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