Dec 18 2008


Tia: May 10, 1994 – Dec 17, 2008

Tia1Yesterday, Sue and I maintained our regular daily routine with Tia. We both knew our beloved Tia was failing, yet neither one of us wanted to talk about what we needed to do. Tia was suffering from Cushing disease, which she had for more than five years, but wasn’t officially diagnosed until 7 months ago. Medication slowed down the disease and other than a steady weakening of her rear legs and loss of some hair, you couldn’t really tell she was sick. Bullies are a hearty breed and Tia was no exception. Yesterday was the first time her tail wasn’t wagging when a guest came to our house. We took her to her Vet who confirmed what both Sue and I knew. . . It was time to say goodbye.




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