Jul 01 2006

Name and Face Recognition project

Recently I received an excellent suggestion from Jay Salhanick, that we create and post information of interest to IUKF members, and those thinking about joining the organization.  Board member Henry Thom, recently back from 6 months in China on business, jumped in with both feet!  Henry is in the process of writing about both Uechi and IUKF history, so that it will be available to all who are interested.

In addition, he is creating a database that will highlight IUKF Seniors from 6th Dan and up, and will contain photos plus biographies of all these teachers and senior practitioners.  This way, you’ll get to know your IUKF seniors,  how the organization was formed, and how it is currently funtioning. 

If anyone has questions or suggestions for this project, please contact Henry henrythom@aol.com, or myself phaydu@adelphia.net.

Paul Haydu

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