Dec 09 2008

Carmine DiRamio

QUINCY – Carmine A. DiRamio, 77, of Mystic, Conn., formerly of Quincy and Braintree, a retired Quincy police officer, died April 10 at a hospital in Mystic from complication of diabetes. Carmine DiRamio, was a Quincy Police Officer, union president, boxing champ

Mr. DiRamio was a Quincy police officer for 40 years and former president of the police officers’ union. He retired in 1991.

In 1955, former Chief William Ferrazzi commended him for excellent work whenhe caught three teenagers driving a stolen car. The group was later linked to several car thefts.

A martial arts enthusiast, Mr. DiRamio was a certified self-defense instructor for 25 years. He studied under George Mattson at Mattson Academy .

He was director and co-owner of the Institute of Okinawan Karate , previously located in Braintree and Quincy . He was a second-degree black belt and was recognized by Black Belt magazine in 1966 for his work in demonstrating the value of karate in law enforcement work.

He was a Navy veteran of World War II and served aboard the Quincy built destroyer – USS Boyle.

Mr. DiRamio held the Massachusetts middleweight boxing title from 1949 to 1951.

Husband of the late Helen V. (Keating) DiRamio and the late Barbara Ann (Young) DiRamio, he is survived by a son, Robert DiRamio of Duxbury; two daughters, Joan Curtin of Randolph and Betty Greenberg – DiRamio of Sandwich; two stepsons, Thomas Postell of Quincy and Joseph Postell of Braintree; two brothers, Alfonso DiRamio of Clearwater, Fla., and Edward DiRamio of Quincy; two sisters, Grace Fitzgerald of Bedford and Frances Salvatori of Quincy; seven grandchildren, four step-grandchildren and a great-granddaughter; and many nieces and nephews.

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