Joe Lewis: R.I.P.


Joe passed away this morning (8/31/2012) at 10:45AM. 

For immediate release


World Karate and Kickboxing Champion Joe Lewis is continuing his valiant 13 month battle with brain cancer. Medical tests given to Mr. Lewis this past Thursday and Friday have shown signs of his condition spreading to his left shoulder and hip. These tests also showed signs his brain tumors have increased in size. Regretfully, Mr. Lewis’s medical status has been changed from palliative to hospice. Mr. Lewis is in wonderful hands at the Coatesville, PA Veterans Hospital where he is receiving top quality care by an amazing professional staff. He is being kept as comfortable as possible and he feels secure with those around him. Visitation is being restricted to family and close friends. Mr. Lewis has stated many times that he appreciates the outpouring of love and support he has received from around the world which has helped him through this difficult time.
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  1. I had the opportunity to meet Joe and train with him a couple of times at George Mattson’s SummerFest on Cape Cod a few years back. My option, the greatest fighter the martial arts world has ever seen. He was a character to say the least. He lit up a room he did. An honor to be hit by him. And thats how I will remember him, a smile and an upper cut. God’s speed Joe.
    Geof Hemenway

  2. It is very saddening to hear about the loss of a TRUE giant of the world”s martial arts fraternity. I can remember so vividly how I was a boy and couldn’t wait to scrape up the pennies to buy the lastest edition of Karate Illustrated.

    It was there that I became such a fan of Joe Lewis and reflect om the fight between him and his very good friend Bill “Superfoot” Wallace when he was 46 years old while Bill was 45 years old!

    This proved the lion heart in this icon of a martial artist

    Joe….you will forever live on in this lives of the MANY people you have left behind


  3. I only met Joe two times. He was informative, talented and funny.

    I’ll miss him and his stories.

    –Harry Skeffington

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