Mar 22 2011

In-house tourney Invitation


Just want to confirm to remind you about my “in-house” tournament.  Please be informed this tournament is as much for us the judges as it is for the children.  Although I call this an “in house” tournament, it really isn’t a tournament.  What it is actually is a work out for our children  and judges alike.
Instead of rank, our children will be grouped according to size and ability as witnessed and classified by our black belts in attendance.  We will then rotate groups from one ring to another to perform kata for judges in those particular rings.  The judges will critique and comment on each individual’s kata rather then giving them points.
This way, everyone benefits.  The student will have different black belts from 2 or more rings comment on their kata.  Each of the children will be allowed to take these comments home to better understand what judges watch for while they are judging.  The black belt board will have an opportunity to witness kata of students from other dojos and writing comments can work on and strengthen their judging skills.
As for sparring, there are many who pay to compete but only have 1 or 2 matches.  This “tournament”, we are going to match size and skill rather then rank.  Everyone will spar in a round robin.  If there are 6 people in his/her ring, they get 5 matches anyways.  All judges will have plenty of chances to practice.  There will also be other standing on the side to step in if you are tired.  Although there will be points called, there will not be points accumulated.  This way, everyone is a winner and there will be a trophy for every competitor.
Your student will get plenty of practice for tournaments and judges will get plenty of practice also.  If you have black belts wishing to get into judging, this will be a great venue to do this.  In such a tournament of practice and friendship, everyone is a winner.
The cost of this tournament is $30 which includes lunch for the competitor.  If parents or sibling are present and want lunch, they can purchase it from the cafe.
Please let me know by April 1st because I will need that time to get all the prizes and check all the printed name labels.  Can’t make any promises if your entry comes in late.
In you don’t have any students interested and you want to come and practice, please do not hesitate to inform me as everyone is welcome.  My number is 508/746-3533 and I suppose you have my email.
At this time, I have a little over 30 entries.  Don’t know how many more I can except.  Great practice for everyone.
Darin Yee

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