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Ground Survival Tactics Course

by George Mattson

The Northcentral Technical College and IUKF is pround to present

Ground SurvivalTactics Course Taught by IUKF Shihan Dave Young

Location: Rising Star East Martial Arts

9 Depot Square, ayer, MA 01432

Cost: $199 if registered BEFORE June 1, 2009 – $250 if registered AFTER June 1, 2009

Dates: July 11-12, 2009 Times: 8am – 5pm daily



This 2-day (16 hour) “Ground Survival” program focuses on surviving ground assaults for real world attacks. You do not need 20 years to become proficient in these techniques and tactics. Learn field proven tactics from the professional who currently trains the professionals and learn a system that is courtroom defensible and will SAV YOUR LIFE! We will focus on common ground attacks and cover various force options available to you in real ground attacks. You will learn ground survival tactics for striking, kicking, easy escapes from common grips and grabs, simple and effective defenses against chokes, counters assault tactics for submission holds and other survival tactics you will encounter on the groung in a real fight!

Dave Young is one of the most experienced, innovative and recognized trainers in the business today, a former United states Marine, law enforcement and corrections officer and mixed martial artist. He has been in the survival world for over 30 years. The system he developed has been taught worldwide and he has trained thousands of professionals on how to stay alive in the street and in the courtroom.

Be the victim or the victor – ITS YOUR CHOICE!



GO TO redmantraining.net to register NOW!


  • Real World Survival Tactics
  • Striking Techniques
  • Choke Defenses
  • Hitting with stopping power
  • Escapes from common grips and grabs
  • Cross Mount Tactics
  • Preventing & Escaping the Mount
  • Terminology for testifying in court


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