Feb 03 2006

Forum Updates

The forums are really doing well. And have you noticed how interesting the topics are? It is very true, martial artist are a well rounded group. We work out hard and play hard. And of course, don’t forget we eat well.

Mary S. has volunteered to moderate the new "Chow Now" forum and it may be one of our most popular additions. Check it out and bring your favorite receipts and photos of these dishes. Click Here.

Kevin Guse is another highly qualified moderator in the conditioning field. He’s not just a gifted teacher. . . but he is someone who has taken the information he is giving us and used it in one of the toughest sports imaginable. . . Football. Check out his forum and ask him about your training routines. I know he will give you a helping hand. Click Here.

I’m hosting a couple of physical dojo forums. Since becoming involved with building a new dojo, I’ve become very interested in how the big dojo owners designed their dojo and how they conduct business. Although I don’t appreciate some of their "elitism" attitudes, I do respect how they are able to retain students and turn out respectable martial artist. Check out "Building a Successful Dojo" Forum and participate in the discussion. Click Here.

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