Jul 10 2006

Lifetime Membership now available!

     After doing considerable research, including looking at over twenty well-known international organizations, the Board has completed its work on Lifetime Membership.  This will be a good offering for serious Uechi practitioners, who plan to be working out, and part of the IUKF 10, 15, or 20 years from now.  This elite membership identifies you as a serious practitioner, and supporter of the IUKF.  It also will protect you from inflation-driven higher costs of membership in the future!

     Please contact our Membership Coordinator, David Berndt for more information, at DCBerndt@aol.com

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Jul 02 2006

Junior Rules Book complete!

      After a considerable period of intense and hard work, John Page has completed an improved and updated version of the Junior Rules for Tournament organization and participation.  John deserves a hearty "Thanks" from all of us.  Please tell him so, when you see him at Summer Camp!

     The Junior Rules book includes specific information on equipment, clarifies target areas vs. areas of contact, and give ample detail on the role and conduct of judges and referees. 

     This will be posted on the IUKF website.  Please check it out.
Best to all,
Paul Haydu

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Jul 01 2006

Name and Face Recognition project

Recently I received an excellent suggestion from Jay Salhanick, that we create and post information of interest to IUKF members, and those thinking about joining the organization.  Board member Henry Thom, recently back from 6 months in China on business, jumped in with both feet!  Henry is in the process of writing about both Uechi and IUKF history, so that it will be available to all who are interested.

In addition, he is creating a database that will highlight IUKF Seniors from 6th Dan and up, and will contain photos plus biographies of all these teachers and senior practitioners.  This way, you’ll get to know your IUKF seniors,  how the organization was formed, and how it is currently funtioning. 

If anyone has questions or suggestions for this project, please contact Henry henrythom@aol.com, or myself phaydu@adelphia.net.

Paul Haydu

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Jun 01 2006

May, 2006 Newsletter from G.Mattson

Wow… Is it that time already? Time to get out a NewsLetter formally announcing this year’s most important martial arts event, SummerFest! You will have the time of your life, learn lots of new and interesting martial art skills and meet lots of new friends and renew old acquaintances. This year we will be taking over the Mass Maritime Academy the weekend of July 28 – 30th.

Please Note that we will not be doing a physical mailing for the camp. If anyone would like me to mail their dojo a flyer, applications or a brochure, please e-mail me and I’ll get a package out to you.

Reading all the e-mail from different groups that are now running camps with nearly identical themes as SummerFest makes me feel pretty good. After all, imitation is a sort of flattery! 🙂 True, we don’t spend the big bucks on well known and highly publicized martial artist, However.. we do feel that every one of our seminar presenters is a celebrity! More importantly, each of our teachers is highly qualified, hard working and part of our SummerFest family. Many have attended every camp since 1983 and like all our regulars, feel that SummerFest, in addition to providing the very best martial arts, is like an annual family reunion.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with SummerFest, please read this short article on the history of the camp, written by college student who attended many camps in the past:

 The Summer Camp Tradition,
by Geoffrey Edwards

I was first attracted to Sensei George Mattson’s dojo over twenty years ago when it was located in downtown Boston. After earning my Brown belt, my job took me to Ohio. Since 1983, I have made the pilgrimage to Boston every August for Mr. Mattson’s annual Summer Camp. Even though I may never advance beyond the Brown Belt level, the camp has become an important part of my life.

During the 80’s and early 90’s, Mattson concentrated on bringing many Okinawan, Japanese and Chinese masters to his camp, who would concentrate on teaching traditional exercises, drills and forms. In the last five years, he has promoted the talents of local martial arts masters, many who specialize in unique and highly popular ancient and modern disciplines. Some of these arts are of the “highbred” variety, combining the best of a number of Oriental arts to provide solutions to modern world needs. Pressure point study combined with weapon disarming and submission hold techniques is one of many such new age art forms being developed by students of Mattson and followers of other martial arts systems. When I asked him about this change of attitude, his reply shed some light on the man and his goals:

“… Back in the 80’s, when Grandmaster Kanei Uechi was still alive and healthy, the spirit of the camp thrived on his presence. After he died, many North Americans found themselves taking a second look at why they were studying Uechi-ryu and what their expectations were. The Okinawan, Chinese and Japanese masters remained an important part of their practice, but the students and teachers were looking to explore their system. . . check out what others were doing and how this new information related to the art of Uechi-ryu. We were looking to discover new concepts, ideas and understanding for the old and trusted moves we are practicing and teaching.”

“This new emphasis”, continued Mattson, “opened the door for local talent to be highlighted at the annual camp. Ground work, grappling, pressure points, jujitsu, Okinawan traditional weapons, chigung, meditation practices, acupuncture, Tai massage, in addition to the formal karate practices, now formed a kind of new-age schedule. Instead of three or four Okinawan /Japanese /Chinese teachers drilling students for four hours, we now offer a choice of 20-35 hour long seminars every day. And the students love it!”

” Instead of doing three days of conventional karate classes,” Mattson continued, “the camp now offers students and teachers an opportunity to check out other styles and disciplines, in a relaxed and friendly setting”.

Sensei Uechi enjoys these events, especially when he works with the children. Although he speaks
very little English, he is able to communicate very well through the language of movement. The kids love his classes and keep him busy for hours signing autographs on their hats, T shirts and gis.”

I remember the first camp on Thompson Island in Boston Harbor. It was five days and nights of non stop activity. Hard work during the day and partying every night. I had to take a vacation at the end of
the week to recuperate. The long weekend is much easier to fit into my schedule and by Sunday evening, most people are still eager for more. Many families are coming now. Spouses who don’t practice the martial arts are able to spend time touring Cape Cod during the day and party with everyone else at night. Many get involved with seminars requiring no prior experience or with sessions dealing with the healing arts. Dr. Ann Doggett and Dr. Richard Brown, Chiropractors from Quincy, were busy for the entire camp talking about reflexology, diet and Chiropractic. This year, there will be more seminars dealing with acupuncture, tea ceremony and Chinese medicine.

There really is something for everyone. The teachers have an opportunity to sit in on children’s classes, taught by experts who manage hundreds of children in their dojo. Emphasis is on how to motivate the children while maintaining discipline and teaching them self confidence and control. Teachers are able to return to their own schools, eager to try out new teaching skills acquired at the camp. Needless to say, children really enjoy the special attentionreceived during the camp.

Because children make up 60-70% of an average dojo, these classes are also very popular to monitor by the camp instructors and dojo owners. In order not to tire the children, the classes alternate between outdoor class work for one hour, indoor for the next hour. Rose Dyer, a very popular teacher who operates a number of highly successful youth programs throughout New England , works the indoor classes, teaching a popular “Virtues over Violence” program to her enthralled audience.

One of the camp’s traditions is Sensei George Mattson’s 6:30am class by the ocean. As many as a
hundred students show up every morning for his class. Mattson Sensei works on breathing, balance and strength developing potential of the “active meditation” form called Sanchin. Often, when the tides permit, the students will march right into the ocean performing their kata.

One of Mattson’s students came up with the idea of the name “Summer of the Tiger” five years ago. Harvey Leibergott, a black belt author of the recently released book focusing on the Summer Camp history, thought it a good idea to have a camp theme stressing each of the Uechi-ryu’s Chinese roots. Since Uechi-ryu originally came from China and was derived from the Tiger, the Crane and mythical Dragon, Harvey thought the name could change eachyear for three years. This highly popular “theme” camp was so successful that Mattson continued the name “Summer of the Tiger, Dragon & Crane” at the end of the third year.

  • The Complete Uechi-ryu / Shoheiryu System
  • All the popular traditional Okinawan/Japanese weapons
  • The Healing Arts
  • Ground Fighting Arts.
  • Chinese Fighting Arts
  • Grappling Fighting Arts
  • Meditation Arts for all

Once again, Susan has been able to keep the prices very low in order to make the camp affordable
for all. Why not take care of the application and selection of a payment plan right now. Remember, Friday, Saturday and a half day Sunday, July 28 – 30th. Click here and print out the application. Please send it in today!

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May 23 2006

IUKF encourages tournament participation

The IUKF supports its member’s participation in tournaments, both inside and outside the organization.  The Board feels that experiencing other rules, and competing with other schools, organizations and styles helps give the participant perspective that allows a fuller understanding of our own style.
Regarding personal disputes between practitioners, the IUKF does not take sides.  It is up to the individuals involved to sort things out for themselves.  The more senior the people involved, the better they should be at solving disputes, and putting matters in perspective.

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Apr 30 2006

Featured Article

Welcome to the Eastern Arts Articles Section. Here you will find interesting and educational martial art subjects covering a wide range of historical, technical and personal information. We welcome your contributions to our on-line library.

Note: This article by Mike Murphy was submitted over a year ago and was lost in one of my frequent computer failures. Fortunately I found a back-up copy on CD. With a sincere apology to Mike, I would like to "kick off" this new feature with his excellent article. GEM

Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 27 2006

Thanks and Congratulations!

The IUKF Board of Directors would like to thank Jay Salhanik for his many years of dedicated service to the group.  His special talent and passion has been Tournament direction, and uniformity of Dan testing.  These are areas where Uechi students learn to explore their art and progress strongly.  Jay has been a very hard worker and innovative influence, and has set a standard of work ethic that others will want to follow.  We thank him for all he has done, and wish him well in taking some time off for personal and family matters…. A rest well deserved!

We would also like to congratulate John Page who has been Jay’s assistant, and will be taking over as the IUKF Tournament Director.  John has already expressed many good ideas for his area of interest, and has the experience needed to make good decisions.  Being a lawyer will be a related asset in his day to day management skills.  The Board of Directors welcomes John officially into his new role and look forward to working with him!

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Apr 19 2006

E-book now available for both new and current members

Current IUKF members who would like to receive a copy of George Mattson’s exciting, new-edition Black Belt Test Guide in electronic form may write to George with their email and postal addresses, plus phone numbers.  In return, George will email them the e-book URL, so that you may access it online.  He can be reached by emailing him at gmattson@uechi-ryu.com.  There will be no charge for IUKF members.  Those who are not members but wish to receive this book, should consider joining, and will receive this book at no cost, as well as many other benefits, including discounts on camps, seminars, training gear, books and videos.

          This book is the most readable of any e-book I’ve seen.  The pages turn like a physical book.  But unlike a hand-held book, when you’re reading the table of contents and find a section that you’d like to read, you just click on its page, and you’re there.  The contents are revised, and will be updated and upgraded as when changes are made by the Board.  Videos are included and accessible just by clicking.  The Forward gives a historical account of the IUKF, and explains it’s current mission and function.
          All in all, I am sure you be very pleased and interested by this cutting edge, and very enjoyable book.

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Apr 18 2006

New Accurate IUKF Membership Directory

New accurate membership directory

The IUKF is very interested in being able to reach all its members, accurately and rapidly.  To that end, we are asking all those who are members, or who are thinking about the advantages of membership to write our Membership Coordinator, David Berndt at DCBerndt@aol.com, giving him your email address, your postal address and telephone number.  This will help us reach you more quickly, when important news or offers occur.

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Apr 03 2006

China Trip Update 4-3-06

Hi All,
Please be reminded about getting your passport, 2 passport photos and a
check in the amount of $1,000 to me before April 30.  I will ned that to
reserve your seat on this trip.  I will process payments to the agent the
first week of May.  If I receive your deposit after I’ve given our first
payment to our agent, it may cost you more then I’ve promised.

Please be vigilant about your shots needed for this trip.  I know some of
them are give in a series.  Could take 6 months to get them all.  I would
also advise antibiotic pills from your doctor.  If you don’t like the food,
there is no Burger Kings there.  (I think I remember a Mickey D there). 
Long lines for a horse burger.

I will also need your jacket size as I will be passing out an IUKF jacket to
all attending this trip.  Not like I can’t identify our group of caucasian
with the natives but it may identify us as a group to the natives.  I’ll
need your size also, Bob Sensei as you will be our beacon in HK.

Remember the purpose of this trip is for the opportunity to working out with
some of the well known kung fu teachers of Southern China.  Many of the
people traveling with us, the IUKF members, there will also be students of
sifu Wong.  We will make side trips to visit other martial art schools,
museums and Southern Shou-Lin.  We might also be coming home by way of
Quan-Jhou airport.  If so, we will be in Quan-Jhou the last 3-4 days where
we can shop till we drop.  Quan-Jhou is one of the largest cities in
Southern China.  Not as inexpensive as in Toi-San but much better quality. 
Please consult me before you do any shopping (could prevent any possible
arrests).  China is also famous for their canning methods.  I will also do
all your money exchange.  I can not promise the best exchange rate because
some street hawkers can give you better rates.  I can promise you the
authenticity and guarantee for every penny I give you.

Don’t need to bring more then one suit case.  Cloths there are the price of
throw aways.  They also have laundry service there.  If you plan to bring
items home, beware to the spending limits enforced by customs and the price
of another suit case is very inexpensive.  Chinese suit cases (burlap bags
tied at the opening) is free.

Our agenda is as follows:

We will depart from our perspective airport and meet in either San Diego or
San Francisco on October1.  After everyone has arrived, we will board our
plane to either Japan or directly to Hong Kong.  We will arrive in HK on
October 2, sometime in the PM (HK is 12 hours ahead of our time).

While in HK, Sensei Robert Campbell will be our gracious host.  He knows HK
like the back of his hand and time with Bob in Hong Kong usually becomes
legendary.  We will be in HK for 3 nights and 2 full days.

On the morning of Oct. 5, we will board a small ship to Ging-Yoke, a small
pier-town on the River way.  Sifu Wong will meet us there with our
transports and bring us to our hotel in Toi-San.  We will be in Toi-San for
1 full week and leave for Quan-Jhou on the 12th.  While in Toi-San, we will
work out on a daily bases (optional).  We will go on a few daily tours to
Wong Fai Hung’s museum, Southern Shau-Lin Temple, Fout-San where they are
famous for their martial arts supplies,  Hoi-Pen, their new up and coming
metropolis (still primitive).  I’ll make sure there will be rest days in

Quan-Jhou will be where we will board our airplane home.  We will be there
from the 12th to the 15th where we will be tired and glad to head home.  By
the way, Quan-Jhou is also where our US embassy is located.  I’m sure we can
visit that also if you’ll like.  I know a few people there.  If needed, I
will get you boarded on your plane home and the next stop will be LA or San
Diego (all the stewardess speak english).  I may need to stay a few more
days to attend some personal business.  If not, you’ll have to put up me all
the way back to the state also.

All is welcome to come along.  If you are not able to attend and already on
my list, please do not hesitate to call or write to let me know (I fully
understand this is a hugh undertaking).  We don’t want you on my other
unmentionable list (just joking).  If sight seeing is what you are looking
for, I’ll prepare for that and set you up for sightseeing the next time
around (I will be going to China twice a year).  If you’ve sent me your
deposit already and want to change your mind and want to cancel or go
another time, you’ll have to let me know by April 30 before I give your name
and deposit to the agent.


Thank you very much.  Looking forward to a great, informative, china
experience for all.

Strength and Honor,
Darin Yee

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