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by George Mattson


The fact that one has received a certification from a governing body stating that this person who has completed a series of tasks or performance skills, some never even say that now the person is authorized to teach a certain system, and only usually helps if they stay within that specific system if that…when things go wrong, or injuries are sustained, or possibly death it takes much more then that and the people I speak to who disagree or become offended only do so because they let themselves fall behind the curve ball so to speak…things changing every few years, technology, legal guidelines, society acceptance all play a vital role, but in the long run of things the training one receives to start their own training must be supported by the continuous training they receive after their initial certification.

In most service provider careers when one receives a certification to start their career that is just the beginning..re-certification, testing, practical examinations happen yearly or every few years to just maintain their certification……you have heard the ole saying….
"What do you call a person who graduates last in his medical class…….DOCTOR….."

Just think how many other people you know fit into this category?

And from what I have seen in most cases in the world of self defense continuous learning has stopped….you do not get retested after you receive your black belt certification..just think that if this was the case how many people would lose or be stripped of their certification
I am amused how many put so much emphases on the color of the belt they are wearing rather then the knowledge they have to provide.

There are far to many self proclaimed experts, gurus or text book heroes and power point commandos out there, etc…..

Legal beagles use words like…showing due care…..continuous education…. vicarious liability just having a black belt certification on the wall as you say does not embrace all of what a law suit encompasses or criminal charges that be filed…


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