Nov 28 2006

Fighting the trained Wolf Pack

Fighting The Trained Wolf Pack

by Darren Laur (click on title to participate in this discussion)

Several years ago I wrote an article called, “Fighting Multiple Opponents” which can be found at: Click Here!

In this article, the first sentence of the last paragraph I wrote stated:

“ I have trained to fight the wolf pack, but I doubt the wolf pack has trained to fight cohesively against me”

Well, as reality does sometimes, I need to reframe my beliefs specific to this issue. Although the principles of my original article still stand from a tactical and strategic standpoint, the issue of a coordinated Wolf Pack attack, although a rarity, CAN BE a reality. I offer the following links for your viewing to demonstrate coordinated Wolf Pack training with criminal intent (to view you must sign up with youtube.com, which is free):







Here are some of my thoughts specific to what I observed in these clips:

§ These guys understand environmental training that is scenario based, including training in street clothes and low light conditions

§ Notice how these guys utilize triangulation strategy to their advantage

§ Notice how the head appears to be a primary target

§ Notice how these guys “engage with rage” with violent intent that is designed to overwhelm their intended targets emotionally, psychologically, and physically with continual compound attacks.

§ Notice how these guys practice a variety of different attacks from all positions and how they also practice on targets that are standing, sitting, prone, sitting in a car, sitting in a chair

§ Notice the use of a belt from all angles as an improvised weapon

§ Notice the use of the rear choke by one threat, while the others pommel from the front.

§ Notice the use of language as a set up

§ Notice that if the victim is wearing a hat, the threats will tip the hat down from the rear, pushing it forward, thus visually obscuring the victim, which is then immediately followed up with a frontal attack that can not be seen

§ Notice how that techniques used are gross motor based, nothing fancy.

§ Notice how these guys are training with imagination and emotion (http://www.personalprotectionsystems.ca/Neural_Based_Scenario_Training.doc) which allows them to train in “state”

To be very honest, these guys GET IT when it comes to training and fighting in the real world, and have much to offer those of us who are willing to remove the blindfold of martial ego, and are willing to spit out the Kool-Aid of willful blindness based upon tradition and false Hollywood (or even sensi) beliefs. I know that some who will view these videos will say that these guys have no honor, no pure technique, are sloppy in their application; but I say who firckin cares, these guys, and their tactics, are simple, violent, and extremely effective, and in the end, when the dust settles, all that counts is the final outcome !!!!!

As I stated, I continue to believe that the strategies and principles for fighting multiple opponents that I shared in my original article are still valid. I do, however, believe that awareness of these types of coordinated Wolf Pack tactics; do change some strategic applications, especially in the pre-contact phase of a confrontation:

§ Awareness, Awareness, Awareness is key. These types of predatory attacks, although coordinated, can be picked up in the early stages by one’s etheric sense, but one has to trust their gut instinct. Awareness of these videos can also condition one’s subconscious brain to be more hypersensitive to these tactics, thus increasing one’s etheric radar.

§ Movement is key, when stationary (standing, sitting, prone) triangulation becomes far more easier for the Wolf Pack to utilize to their advantage

§ Maintaining a reactionary gap is extremely important wherever possible. Notice in the video clips, triangulation is being combined with what I like to call, “closing the gap” which provides a tactical advantage to the Wolf Pack when it comes to first strike. You cannot allow these guys close enough to put their hands on, during what I like to call the “assessment or infiltration stage”. If the Wolf Pack is closing the gap, the game is on, and one must now think about attacking first

§ Many of the attacks were telegraphed before engagement. Being aware of “Ritualized Combat” is extremely important http://www.personalprotectionsystems.ca/Ritualized%20Combat.doc

§ The use of a real or improvised weapon should be considered. Having said this however, if one does not have their weapon in hand ready to immediately deploy during the pre-contact phase, then the reality is to do so will be very very difficult once the Wolf Pack has moved to the attack/contact phase. I have heard many who espouse to the use of weapons in such scenarios, that they would just shoot, cut, or bludgeon their way through the Wolf Pack. As one can appreciate after watching the videos, many of the tactics used by the coordinated Wolf Pack are designed to negate one’s ability to get to a weapon. So unless you have the weapon in hand ready to go during the pre-contact phase, negative time framing to get to the weapon works in favor of the Wolf Pack once they engage physically.

Remember that fighting multiple opponents, or the trained coordinated Wolf Pack, is chaotic and extremely violent. It is my opinion that these types of confrontations should be considered a “Deadly Force” threat !!!!!!! The risk of serious injury, or even death, is very real and as such, Neural Based Scenario Training, based upon the above noted videos, are a must to counter these coordinated Wolf Pack tactics. Proper Pre Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Darren Laur

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