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You knew it had to happen. . .

by George Mattson

You Knew It Had To Happen! . . .

A very smart group of business people joined forces with a very sharp technical and creative team and the Martial Art Channel was born.

Unlike many attempts in the past to create low budget web TV, this project took its time, did the necessary homework and came up with a very classy and entertaining web program.
I learned about it early on and would drop in from time to time to check out progress. Being the only such program available and the likelihood of competition very slim, the M.A. Channel should attract all the super stars in our industry as fodder for interviews and amateur “jock-casters” offering blow by blow commentary during tournament, MMA events and even traditional dojo instruction.
Of course, watching these clips on even cable or DSL connections is often like watching one of those old Chinese fight flicks where the actors dubbed voice is completely out of sync with his mouth. Hopefully this side of INTERNET technology will catch up with the production quality of this channel.
You can view the MA Channel by clicking on “Galleries” in the left frame, then MA Channel. Its not perfect, but it is our love child and I know it will continue to grow and improve. This is a professional team with a fantastic idea. Click Here to view!

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