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The Justice System is Crap!

by George Mattson

The Justice System is crap

I read an article the other day. A woman is crying racism and foul because her brother (of a minority) was killed after he tried to strangle a man with booster cables while declaring he was gong to kill the guy and then rape his girlfriend.

The Crown prosecutor is reviewing to see if excessive force was used.

The attacker’s actions have been confirmed.

And this is one of the reason we have so many knifing by young thugs in Edmonton these days.


People do not feel they should be held accountable for their actions.

This woman is rightfully upset at the loss of a brother but is missing the fact that he was trying to kill a person so he could sexually assault another.

Now the Crown Prosecutor could say he was confirming the facts but GIVE ME A BREAK A guy tried to kill you so he can rape your girlfriend and we are wondering about excessive force??????

HE WAS TRYING TO KILL THE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We shoot mad dogs and we need to begin to recognize the mad “human” dogs in our society.

Another kid (with a record) was stabbed by a 17 year old. The thug held the knife behind his back and then stabbed him. The mad dogs had crashed the kid’s 17th birthday party.

And we will slap this mad dog on the wrist and shake our heads when in two or three years when he is back on the streets he kills again.

I say cut our losses and call it a day on that one.

But no we will wonder why this is happening.

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