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by George Mattson

10/24/2008 – Early Registration Discount!


Make plans to attend WinterFest in February. Register NOW to earn a big discount! Planning ahead is the best way to ensure best prices on airfare and lodging. . . Remember,  February is a very hot vacation month and Florida is where everyone wants to go!
If you stuck your head out of the door early this morning in the Northeast, you probably got a taste of the cold weather that is coming. Sure you can take it for a couple months, but by February I’m sure you will welcome a martial art vacation in picturesque (and warm) Mount Dora, Florida!
I will be teaching one seminar each day. The theme will once again be “Building a Strong Uechi-ryu Core” andthe emphasis will be on the method of teaching Uechi-ryu I have used successfully for many years – based on what I originally learned on Okinawa.
In this era of mixed martial arts, many Uechi teachers are losing confidence in their “core” Uechi strengths and skills. Instead of focusing on what students are really searching for, teachers are attempting to shore-up their programs with eclectic methods of training that have no relavency to the Uechi system. We will once again be reviewing the Uechi core system and working on how practitioners of all ranks can achieve their personal goals, regardless of what they may be. We will explore how the system, like the hub of a wheel, can relate to advanced and unique specialities within the martial arts, but always with a strong link to the core system. . . The “hub”.
Click Here to reserve your spot at the 2009 WinterFest and to reward your foresight, Susan will discount your payment by a whopping $50.00! Discount ends January 15, 2009. 

P.S. Make sure you bring your golf clubs and swim suit!



Register Today for the 2009 WinterFest in Mount Dora, Florida:

WinterFest is coming along nicely. Getting lots of inquiries regarding the schedule and questions about when the application will be posted.Well, if you click the photograph, you will be taken to the WinterFest website. If you click here, you can sign-up for the event. (be sure to let me know if you will be playing in the Thursday’s “Warrior’s” golf tournament. This year we will be having multiple seminars being conducted each hour of the day. . . like SummerFest. I’ll be conducting a whole series focusing on various Uechi “components” and how they work to make your Uechi such a realistic fighting system.

Quite a few “presenters” will be helping make this year’s event a most interesting and valuable supplement to your ongoing training. Please contact me if you would like to be a “presenter” and be sure to include a summary of the seminar you would like to teach.

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