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Uechi Teachers’ New Publications!

by George Mattson
For those of you who are Jay Nussbaum fans (like me) and. . . for those of you who Jay's new bookare about to discover him. . . Now is the time to order his new book. I just finished my copy yesterday and must say I enjoyed it very much. Much of the action takes place in this "fictitious" dojo in Boston where Jay and J.J. (The hero of the novel) both studied during their law school days.
All martial artist (especially Uechi practitioners) will relate to many of the situations J.J. finds himself in. Maybe not those relating to J.J.’s very volatile "full contact" encounters with women in his life, but certainly with his dojo experiences.  I highly recommend this book to everyone. GEM

Here is what others have said about Jay’s book:

J.J. Spencer is one of the many hungry young lawyers eager to climb the corporate ladder to the great future awaiting him. With his first annual review approaching, J.J. is confident his keen work for the top Manhattan law firm he is employed by will be praised all the way to the bank. Until, that is, he gives in to a sudden surge of compassion during a chance encounter at a diner.

J.J. discovers how swiftly no good deed goes unpunished: the consequences of his generous impulse snowball and before he knows it, J.J. Spencer has been beaten bloody, arrested for drunk driving, and fired from his job. His perfect life seemingly over, J.J. decides he must dedicate himself to helping the very people who unwittingly lost him everything. It is through that journey—and the surprising battles contained therein—that a new life is allowed to rise from the ashes of the old, and J.J. emerges as the man he always should have been.
Jay Nussbaum follows up his critically acclaimed debut novel, Blue Road to Atlantis, with another captivating, elegant and humorous tale. Where his first work explored the importance of discovering your place in the world, A Monk Jumped Over a Wall examines the fate of those who don’t.

More praise for Jay’s novel. . .

A Monk Jumped Over a Wall is a charming, poignant and hilarious book that grabs you from page one and carries you along on a journey of self-discovery you’ll never forget. A genuine pleasure!”
         –Debby Applegate, Pulitzer Prize winning author.
“A stunning combination of hilarious and thought-provoking storytelling, A Monk Jumped Over a Wall is another great read from Jay Nussbaum.”
        –Linda Fairstein, bestselling author and former New York City prosecutor

“This is a story that will strike a chord with so many people. Each of us has those voices telling us what we can and cannot be, what we should and should not do and become… I haven’t been pulled into a book in this way for some time and I thank you for the experience…we will hand-sell many copies at The Open Book.”
          –Terry Lucas, owner, The Open Book, NY

“Nussbaum writes like a more literary John Grisham meets a less English Nick Hornby. His writing is subtle, but funny; it has directness and depth. He avoids making caricatures out of characters and has an ear for how real people actually speak. During a time when literary can too often mean confusing or adorable, Nussbaum is neither. A Monk Jumped Over A Wall is concise and compassionate …Thanks for a great read.
          –Kester Smith, BookPeople, Austin, TX

[A] meaningful look at the strength it takes to shed the person you thought you were to become the person you were meant to be…[A] comforting novel…Bittersweet and unflinchingly real.”
          –Kirkus Reviews

“[W]ith the mounting mortgage crisis, the story could not be more timely.”
          –Publishers Weekly

“A beautifully crafted novel about the law-as-wall, and the consequences of having to live within it. Mr. Nussbaum blends past and present with a master’s touch.”
          –Richard Marek, former President Publisher of E.P. Dutton

 “[Nussbaum]…excels at developing relationships, using realistic dialogue, and developing a feasible plot where lemonade gets made from the lemons which are thrown at the protagonist. We rated it five hearts.”Here's Jay

–Heartland Reviews

About the Author

JAY NUSSBAUM is a writer, lawyer and teacher. A Monk Jumped Over a Wall is his second novel. From 1997 to 2000, he taught Eastern philosophy and martial arts at Cornell University. He lives in New York with his wife and two children.

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Good News! David Mott has finished his new DVD!

Thanks to Chris McKaskell for sending us the following review. . .
“David Mott recently made a DVD of Coiling Silk Exercises he has been quietly working on and sharing with his students at Cold Mountain School, in Toronto.
There are eight exercises in total and each derives its form from various physical phrases found directly in the practice of Uechi-Ryu.
I’ve shared them with my small class and have found them to be valuable in developing body integration, a deeper understanding of breath as it relates to movement, smoothing out small muscle control issues and opening a new chapter in the way Uechi kata can be perceived.
Besides that, performing these exercises makes me feel good.

Chris McKaskell

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