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SummerFest update – Sunday, 7/14

by George Mattson
1983 SummerFest GEM

1983 SummerFest GEM

Susan and I have been very busy with preparations for this year’s SummerFest. I’m very pleased to learn that most of last year’s presenters will be returning and a few close friends who I haven’t heard from in awhile will be there for the weekend.

One of SummerFest’s most popular teacher, Raffi Derdarian contacted me yesterday saying he will be with us for Saturday’s seminars and the evening’s Masters’ Celebration. Of course I’m thrilled to hear that Rory Miller will be returning for the weekend, since he always gives the most fascinating seminars dealing with self-defense education that is so important for students and teachers of all levels.

Roy Bedard is captain of the South’s IUKF Uechi’s competition team. He will be working with the North’s team captain, Darin Yee during the weekend, on competition strategy and techniques. Hopefully there will be many healthy and strong Uechi-ka who will take advantage of two former champions experience and skills at their special seminars. (Friday evening will be one off-site seminar in addition to on-site regular seminars. check schedule for details)

The Masters’ Celebration, held on Saturday evening is moderated by IUKF board member Harry Skeffington. The concept of awardees performing their three primary kata in front of their peers has become a very important rite of passage that all candidates look forward to. In addition, there will be other demonstrations and awards, followed by SummerFests social festivities, where old friends have an opportunity to relax and catch up on current events and life experiences.

The schedule is still in “draft” mode, but is about 95% complete. Check it out here

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