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SummerFest Presenter Schedule up. . .

by George Mattson

Working hard on the SummerFest Schedule and finally completed the first draft. I’m expecting a number of new presenters to be coming on-line before SummerFest and I am requesting that anyone who is expecting to conduct seminars Friday, Saturday and Sunday to please email me ASAP to let me know they wish to participate.

It is important to let me know what you plan to teach and essential that any seminar being conducted over the weekend will relate to Uechi-ryu in some important manner.

Susan and I are working very hard to make this SummerFest a huge success and I ask each of you to please talk up the event in your dojo and please. . . get your application in early.

SummerFest is your event. . . an opportunity to spend quality time with some of the finest teachers of martial arts in the world. . . and an opportunity to meet and socialize with martial artists from around the world. . . and an opportuntiy to recharge your batteriew – get really excited about studying a wonderful martial art.

Join me the first weekend in August and I guarentee that you will have a fantastic time!

SummerFest 2011

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