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The Importance of Correct Conditioning!

by George Mattson

What a fantastic SummerFest! [View photos HERE]

gem performing opening move from seisan

I’m getting quite a few e-mail from students and teachers who attended and all the reviews were extremely favorable. As one of Uechi-ryu’s “senior” citizens, (72 next month) I try to get involved in as many of the seminars as possible and whenever appropriate, will demonstrate one of the three original kata to make a point that Uechi-ryu is a lifetime activity and that age is not the best way to determine one’s health or ability to enjoy life.

Roy Bedard and Adam Fauro, who created the “Protectors” program agree with my philosophy and spent quite a bit of time explaining, demonstrating and finally taking our people through some of the Protectors’ physical fitness and self defense components.

I decided to participate in Adam’s very physical Plyometrics type drills and discovered some new areas of my body that tend to get ignored (at least in my fitness program) in kata, drills or supplementary exercises. I survived the session and felt great AND a bit proud for keeping up with the youngsters, but a few hours later at the Masters’ Celebration during my Seisan kata . . . well. . . I discovered that the quadriceps are very necessary for a decent jump-back sequence at the end of the kata. I didn’t feel a thing until I dropped into the deep stance and attempted to push-off into the one-legged crane position! At that point my quads felt like someone had injected novacaine into them! Oh well. . . one of the benefits of getting old is that most people are forgiving and perhaps other than me, didn’t give it a thought.

I’m off to the gym this afternoon and will be working those leg muscles I usually ignore. Next year I’ll be ready for the FireDragon Challenge! Watch out Bridget, Adam and of course Fedele! 🙂

Hope you enjoy (click here) the Seisan clip (Flash Format)

Click Here for the Windows Media Player version

It was sent to me by Flora Kung and her karate wonderkids, Max and Mia.


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