Dec 11 2008

Toshiyuki Itokazu

Toshiyuki Itokazu
Born: 7-23-47
Died: 4-15-85

To All;

I understand some of you were not directly affected by my Sensei Toshiyuki Itokazu.

However, you had heard about him, and some of your guys may be indirectly affected by my teaching which I learn from him. 

This year (15 April 2010, don’t forget your Income Tax today ,by the way J) , it will be a quarter century anniversary after his passing.  Please join me for one minute of silence for him this date.  He is the main reason some of are still practicing  and learning this art today! 

Thank you very much for your attention!  

Have a wonderful day today! J

Tsukasa (Scott) Higa, on 15 April 2010

PS No.1:  I was always asked by everyone about his character in a short sentence, asking  hey ,Scott you are the same county man, so tell me about him in short words. Therefore, I always say to everyone who would like to know him in a short anecdote.  “yeah, Tosh’s body condition of Uechi-Ryu practice was enormous.  When he runs into the door frame, the door frame said———“OUCH!”. Well that is the oneof the story about him.

This my prayer for his quarter century anniversary: “ Hey Tosh, how are you doing up there! As you know some of your deshis are still pursuing and learning  our way of life with an art of Uechi-Ryu,  we never forget what you taught us!  I am so sorry that you have to leave this world so young age (he was 38 years old!), yet rest of us need you for more of knowledge we could like to obtain from you.  We still talking about you after all these years.  I am reaching 35 years with Uechi-Ryu ;however, I never had  experienced even once for a one and half hour hard training as yours in the U.S and Okinawa.  You are the BEST!–J I promise I will be a better martial artist when I see you again! See ya! (Mata-Ya~) J

Your deshi always! Tsukasa Higa

PS No.2:  Those of you whom are not affiliated with my sensei Tosh, it is my privilege to address I am a proud deshi of my non-perfect beauty sensei Tosh!

PS No.3: Nice thing Okinawa is (I am)  12 hours ahead of you.  Sensei Toshiyuki Itokazu (amicably called Toshi) was passed away 25 years age in the early in the morning.  I remembered vividly and engraved in my mind his brother 9Norio) called and told me unbelievable (or unthinkable) words saying,” Your sensei (Toshi) could not make it”.  Rest in peace Sensei, and I will see you one day so we can talk!   Tsukasa (Scott) Higa  15 April 2010.

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