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Masters Magazine Announcement

by George Mattson

Sent: Monday, January 17, 2011 7:58 AM
To: George
Subject: MAGAZINE and BOOK

Dear Sensei, your article is printed. We have copies next week and also the full interview just been printed in KARATE MASTERS Vol. 4 Please give an address to send you some copies!
Warmest regards!
Hi Jose:
My students have been “bugging” Books a Million for the past few weeks and were standing in line yesterday when the store assured them that the new issue would be on the shelves. I even got excited and drove over to purchase what I believe was their last copy!

You did a great job with the grizzly-old-man pictures you had to work with. Hopefully some of your readers will appreciate my view of traditional MA and will understand how important steady and healthful training is in what many of us practice and love.

Again, thanks Jose.


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