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Masters Celebration Update

by George Mattson

!masters0276Building the 2015 list of Awardees for Master Ranks and Titles:

10 dan: Arthur Rabesa

9th dan: Henry Thom, 

8th dan: Gary W. Geddes, Enrico Paone, Sheldon Dunn, Victor Swinimer

7th dan: Harry Skeffington, , Justin Testa,

6th dan: Andrew Summerley,


Hanshi-sei: Arthur Rabesa

Kyoshi: Harry Skeffington

Renshi: Andrew Summerley

2015 Achievement Award: Buzz Durkin

Please let me know if anyone has been overlooked. I also need all applications for 1-5th dan sent in to our International Test Administrator, Harry Skeffington ASAP. (hskeffington (at) gmail.com)

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