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IUKF N.E. Regional Training

by Christian Maine

gem at super summer seminars-2012
The next New England regional training will be held by Sensei James Nuzzo of Amerkick
Martial arts. Please join us Nov 9th Saturday at 2:00 pm for a two hour class. Fifteen
dollars for the class and please join us for dinner after class. The following will be just a
few of the thing that Sensei will be covering in the class:.

  • Uechi why it’s “offensive” and not “defensive” concept behind the “baseball” theory.
  • Sanchin’s hidden moves
  • Wauki Blocks why they are superior to other styles
  • How and why Uechi techniques differ from Kenpo
  • Theory and application of stepping forward towards attack.
  • Uechi moves beyond traditional practice weapon attacks, takedowns,breaks and more.
  • Uechi applications in sparring and kickboxing

For more information on James Nuzzo and Amerikick Martial Arts please visit
www.amerikick.com or call 401-644-5709

RK Plaza gNext to Job Lots & McDonaldsh
288 East Main Road
Middletown R.I. 02842

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