May 08 2008

Hut workout

Vinnie hut group photoChristiano to lead the "Hut" workout this Saturday!
And you are all invited to attend!

This is Vinnie’s last workout before he gets his new hip, but he assures me that everyone will not only enjoy the class, but will get a great "Vinnie-tough" workout!

Paul Giella, who heads up the "Hut" program, says that. . .  "Vinnie is planning to really reinvigorate us with his energy before he goes out for his surgery. Van, Peter Blackman, Fedele, Matt Hoffman, maybe Justin are coming… it should be quite a good class. 9:30 to 11:30. We’ll be working on the new Okinawan kata, Ryuko, among other things."

Don’t miss this class!

Susan reports
that we are receiving a record number of early SummerFest applications. This year’s event is coming together very nicely, with nearly all of the senior presenters who have taught seminars in the past, planning to be with us this year. Please send in those applications early! Don’t miss out on this really great Uechi-ryu experience.

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