Masters’ Celebration

by George Mattson
masters celebration

Note:The Board of Directors met on Sunday, May 4th and unanimously approved the recommendations for rank.Masters’ Celebration at SummerFest 2008

I am very proud to announce the following candidates names have been submitted to the “Titles” Committee by the candidates’ instructors and the IUKF Committee of Hanshi and have been submitted to both the “Titles” Committee and the Board of Directors for final approval:

James Maloney – 9th dan and Hanshi
Buzz Durkin – 9th dan and Hanshi
Bruce Witherall – 8th Dan
Ken Brown – 6th dan and Renshi
Paul Haydu – 6th dan and Renshi
Greg Postal – 6th dan and Renshi
Bill Meiklejohn – Renshi

The Board of Directors also proposed that I be promoted to 10th dan. 2008 marks my 50th anniversary teaching Uechi-ryu and 2008 also marks the 25th anniversary of our SummerFest. I thanked the Board for considering me for this highest symbol of accomplishment within the martial art community, but humbly declined the honor.
Grandmaster Ryuko Tomoyose continues to be my teacher and I strongly believe that any rank issued within the Uechi world, should be done with the recommendation and full approval of one’s sensei.
Since a public announcement was made regarding this proposed promotion, I felt that a public statement by me was required. The offer by the Board was done in the spirit of friendship and I deeply appreciate the gesture and hope the Board will understand my feelings relating to the promotion.


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