Dojo Grand Opening

by George Mattson

I would like to congratulate John Page on the opening of his dojo in Ayer, Massachusetts. Sensei Mattson and I were there on January 28 for the festivities along with Fedel, Pat Saunders, Vinny, Harry Sheffington and many others. Please excuse my not mentioning your name if you were there as I am getting older and spelling is not my greatest asset.
The IUKF is very fortunate to have as a member such as John Page. He is intelligent, dedicated and fair. Above all, John is a man of conviction and bushido. Although we were in his domain, John respectfully places all others there in front. This was his day, his grand opening and yet the emphasis was on everyone other then himself.
I have a saying, which I would like to share. Consider not how a friend would treat you because he is a friend. Consider how well he treats others outside his circle. For there is where you will know if he is a man of bushido.
Darin Yee

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