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Bill Bauknecht Passes

by George Mattson


The Uechi world lost one its most honorable and respected martial artist last night. 1/9/2015. Bill fought a gallant fight against Cancer for over nineteen years with the the same determination, strength and patience he put into everything he ever did. He was a close friend and will be greatly missed



Just in from Art Rabesa:

Jan. 24 at 10AM. Chapman, Cole and Gleason funeral home Mashpee.
There should be a very good Uechi-Ryu representation .

I’ll gather everyone up and bring them in together.

Bill would like that.

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David Bauknecht January 29, 2015 - 3:41 PM

A most sincere THANK YOU from myself and my family to all of the Uechi Masters, Sensei’s and students for making the trip down to the Cape for my father’s services on 1/24/15. We know the weather was terrible coming from up North and we were so appreciative and honored for those of you who did not allow the storm to deter you from making the trip down. We certainly would have understood if you weren’t able to make it. We’d also like to thank you for bringing that giant, delicious platter of food. That was very kind and thoughtful of you.

It was/is very important to us to let you know that we did feel sorry that you weren’t able to join our family afterwards for dinner; of course understanding that some of you had to get back. My mother wanted to sincerely apologize that we/she did not have anything specific planned ahead of time to formally invite you to, which may have allowed you to plan ahead for it. We had no idea WHAT or even IF we’d be doing anything at all after the service until the service actually concluded and felt that because of our last minute decision to call and reserve the back room at the Falmouth Heights BBC, it certainly didn’t allow any of you to plan ahead for it and for that we are very sorry. We would’ve loved to have had you join the family for dinner and again, realized that because we actually didn’t plan anything ahead of time, it didn’t allow you to allocate time in your schedules to do so. Again, please accept our sincere apologies for that and know that you were all missed.

Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and brothers with my Pops for so many years. I know he treasured each of your friendships and held the utmost respect for all of you.

I look forward to keeping in touch and once I get a couple of my own injuries under control, I will be excited and honored to continue my own training and continue to build my own personal relationships with you Senseis.

Until then, my family and I wish you and your families a happy and healthy new year.


David Bauknecht & Family

tatewilliams January 22, 2015 - 6:20 AM

I am crushed ! He was my brother. Tate “Maddog” Williams

David Bauknecht January 18, 2015 - 4:48 AM

My Pop’s online obituary and guest book cam be found at:


Thank you all,

David Bauknecht

David Bauknecht January 16, 2015 - 2:30 PM

A very sincere THANK YOU (Domo Arigato) to Raven and to everyone in the Uechi-Ryu Community for your kind and respectful words in honor of my Dad and Sensei, Bill Bauknecht. Our family is deeply touched by all of the wonderful support, kind words and we are completely humbled by how many people attest to how he had impacted their lives in numerous ways.

Also, we’d like to send a very sincere thank you to Sensei Mattson and his wife Susan. Thank you for the thoughtful video and kind words. Pop’s would be overwhelmed in honor regarding the scholarships you are attempting to establish in his name. The fact of what they represent; how many kids and adults they will help. Helping people who are passionate about training get the quality training any passionate student so rightfully deserves. My family and I were so happily surprised and incredibly honored to hear of your respect and your thoughtful recommendation for the scholarships in his name. Thank you again Sensei and Susan. For years of your friendship with my father. He respected and admired you both, not only for your impressive accomplishments and dedication, but as his friends.

Speaking for myself; Ever since I began training at age 9 in Sensei Rabesa’s kids class, I would be lucky enough to stay and observe the adult class that followed (since my Pop’s was my ride home.) Seeing what the art was truly about at a more advanced level, knowing that is what I could develop into, (in Sensei Rabesa’s philosophy and approach to Uechi) I knew it was going to be much more than a “hobby” for me as well. To witness Arthur’s brown and black belts banging through kumite’s; heavy Katikate, sparring and most importantly, how incredibly hard and physical he tested his students in Sanchin. As a 9 year old, please realize that it was like watching something one has to see to believe. It was super-hero like power and the conditioning to withstand it; never mind while the student remained standing completely still; freely “offering” their bodies up to take such a beating from their Sensei. It was one of the most intense and impressive displays I had ever and have ever seen. I was instantly obsessed.

Pop’s and I always saw eye to eye on our views, approach and what Uechi-Ryu was to us; in our view. We loved discussing our shared passion and outlooks on all facets of Uechi. We realized that we both really enjoyed and constantly discussed what we saw as the art and the beauty in the brutality. (we have both been called a bit of a “masochist”; Aren’t you?) As I grew up, my friends loved coming over as they never knew when a “friendly sparring lesson” might break out. They thoroughly enjoyed sitting around our house, watching Pops and I go as hard as I could, room-to room. He was always relaxed, teaching me by easily (and painfully) blocking everything I threw, all with a big smile on his face. Then inevitably at will, he would easily show me any openings I had by counter striking or taking the offensive. Next thing I knew, I was rubbing something or bleeding a bit from somewhere with a big smile on my face while my friends laughed it up at me from the safety of their chairs. I LOVED it.

I truly feel honored and feel that there is a type of legacy to carry on. I welcome what feels like a responsibility to continue on in our spirit. In his spirit….. To continue to live, learn, condition and teach the “Uechi Gospel” in the name of my father…….

I am truly thankful and will miss sharing time, mind, spirit and body in our home dojo. I look forward to having the honor once again of “offering up myself” in Sanchin to you…… Good bye Dad…….Sensei…… Domo Arigatogozaimasu…. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your “tough love” approach. Thank you for your guidance, your support and your wisdom.

My family and I hope that everyone had happy and healthy holidays. Anyone can feel free to contact me via my personal email which you will find in my profile, We would especially welcome anyone who might have any pictures or videos of my Pop’s participating in what he loved to do most. I would be grateful if they’d be open to forwarding them to me. However I respectfully request your understanding and forgiveness in advance if it takes some time for me to respond as my main priority is being here for my family in every way. This includes taking care of all logistics, legalities and “tying up any and all loose ends” which inevitably accompany the passing of such a heroic, influential man who has touched so many lives.

Domo Arigato,


David Bauknecht

Fedele January 14, 2015 - 5:59 AM

I am so sorry to hear about Bill Sensei’s passing. I am honored to have known such a great Man/Uechica and my sincere condolences go out to his family!

wenont January 11, 2015 - 6:12 AM

Every chance I had at the camps and other times we met throughout my Uechi career, Bill and I would chat when he was able. I held the greatest respect for Bill and I always learned something precious from him when we chatted. He was a humble and unbelievably strong spirit and warrior in the literal sense of the word, will be greatly missed, and I will always hold a place in my heart for him. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family.


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