May 25 2009

SummerFest Important Information

2010 SummerFest Highlights

IUKF believes that “master” ranks should be awarded for meritorious deeds and services performed for the Uechi community. We believe that it is important for the recipients of these ranks and titles receive their awards in the presence of their peers, family and students. Therefore IUKF has set aside Saturday evening at SummerFest for this very moving and formal ceremony.

This year (2010) I am very proud to announce the promotion of Robert Campbell to the rank of 9th dan. Van Canna will be accepting the certificate on Robert’s behalf and will be presenting it to him in September when Robert will be in the United States.

Receiving theirNanadan (7th degree) promotions will be Jerry McDonald and Gary S. Santaniello. Receiving their Rokudan (6th degree) promotions will be Justin Testa and Harry Skeffington.

The ceremony will be held Saturday evening. GEM The ceremony will be held Saturday evening from 7-8PM. GEM


NOTE: Please bring and use lots of Sunblock on all exposed skin! (Don’t forget your feet!) Bring a “fanny” pack to store your room key, money and other valuables. Make sure your name is on the pack in case you lose it. $25 charge for all lost keys A locksmith must change locks when you lose a key!  Drink lots of water! WEAR A HAT!!!!!

All camp participants must wear name tag at all times. Maritime personnel will be patrolling site. For insurance purposes, only registered people (wearing a badge) may participate in activities.    

Updates will be posted at the Bell and will be announced hourly.

I wish to thank you for attending this, the most important Uechi-ryu event of the year. The Summer Camp has evolved into an annual gathering of martial arts friends. . . a time to share experiences, training tips and techniques. . . a time to focus on the pure enjoyment of “working out”!

There are no politics at the camp. Regardless of the style, association or origin of your martial art, you are welcome here. We are only interested in your willingness to work together in friendship and in the “Budo” spirit demonstrated by Grandmaster Kanei Uechi during his lifetime and especially during his visits to our Summer Camps.

The Maritime Academy has proven to be a wonderful host for our camp. In our many previous events at this location, they have allowed us a great deal of freedom, while providing the essential services needed for a successful weekend. In order to maintain this relationship, please note the following rules:
1 Emergency Telephone number: Campus Police: 508-726-0798 Remember… emergencies Only.
I can be contacted at 352-434-9906 ANYTIME.

In-house Phone Numbers:
Non emergency: 1025
Campus Police: 911
Bourne Police: 9911

2. No furniture is to be moved or exchanged between rooms.

3. Keys must be returned by 1:30pm Sunday. However… you may use your room to shower following the Sunday afternoon session and you may leave your luggage in the room until 5pm.

4. No linen will be supplied by the Academy. You must bring your own.

5. No bare feet inside any building. (State Law)

6. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed anywhere except during the Friday and Saturday night parties in the Spinniker Lounge. . No drinking, smoking or partying in the dorms!Campus police will check this year!

7. Minors are not allowed any alcoholic beverages! All adults are asked to help enforce this.

To make the seminars more enjoyable:

8. New/er students: Work out your schedule with a senior. Participate in seminars that are geared for your rank. You may participate in “specialty” seminars in order to determine interest or to satisfy your curiosity. Be very careful when practicing. You are responsible for your actions!

9. We are fortunate to have many martial art dignitaries present with us this weekend. Please introduce yourself and ask questions.

10. Don’t lose your meal coupons. They are like cash and are needed for admission to the Dining Room. They cannot be replaced!

11. Name tags must be worn at all times while at the Maritime Facility.

12. Cars must be parked in the designated area along the canal on Academy Drive and in the Storer Parking lot.. The school will ticket and TOW.

13. Visit the Camp Store. Lots of interesting T-shirts, Books and Videos available.

14. The Gym pool may be open: To be announced at Bell. (See George Mattson for information)
Have a wonderful time.

George E. Mattson

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