Jan 03 2007

March, 2007 “Realist” Program Costs

Expenses will vary depending on the location the person is traveling from.

Hotels range from $40-80 dollars per day, always helps if you have memberships to clubs like AAA, government etc…

Cost of each phase is $395.00 For the first program we said we would give a two for one to help with personal expenses…

This will include your manual, handouts, and the disc of what we did in the class. In addition you will be able to purchase the e-book on the program and the RedMan Training gear….YOU will not be able to purchase this manual, handouts, disc, or e-book without attending the class.

This is a re-post from what I wrote in the letter on the program;

It is 5 complete phases of 3 10 hour days. We can do it all in 2 complete weeks, but I have listened to others about how hard it is to get off from work in a week, and it does come down to what you truly want to achieve.

2. Purpose: To explain how the integration of reality based training will enhance the traditional programs found in martial art schools and will increase the retention of students within these schools. Once the student has completed this first phase of training in the “Reality Training Series,” (RTS-1) they will be certified to and train their own students in the school they operate in these techniques and tactics.

3. Training Options;

    a. The student has the option to either participate exclusively with the traditional training and certifications without the reality stripes for performance;


    b. The student has the option to either participate exclusively with the Reality Stripes training and certifications without the traditional training;


    c. The student has the option to either to sign up for both the traditional training and”reality” training at the beginning of his/her training.


4. Reality Ranks: Preparing them for the real world. Instructor has the option to sign student up for the entire “reality” program, as an added incentive and “real world” benefit that included an ongoing advanced degree certificate diploma.


5. Reality Stripe: – This is a stripe worn after the student has successfully completed each traditional task, preparing them for the real word. And now has a choice to either sign a contract for traditional Uechi-Ryu or Reality Training for their Reality Stripe.


Continuous Education and Certifications; Before the “Reality Training”, begins each student will be signed up for an official college course by the DOJO Owner from Northcentral Technical College, and once completing each training phase will receive a certification of completion from NTC-RedMan Training moving them closer to the Advanced Degree Certificate Diploma for “Personal Self Defense.” Issued by Northcentral Technical College.


The student must satisfactorily complete all tasks in accordance with the training and standards division of NTC-RedMan Training.


This is the only college accredited personal defense course of it’s kind offered in the United States today!

Belt Task Break Down:


(RTS-1) /White Belt or Equivalent Real World Stripe; – Once the traditional training has been completed the student will be trained in;


1. Stance/Balance/Movement (Standing)

2. Falling by self

3. Positioning (Defense Positions)

4. Blocking & Striking (Standing)

5. Tactical Combinations

6. Ground Stabilization

7. Importance of verbalization

8. Environmental Training


This initial portion will focus on the preparation for a physical encounter to preare the sudent as well as the liability issues to the trainer and dojo itself, enhanced indivudal instructor development, and the proper use of the RedMan Training Gear and equipment, and continue to build on each phase in level of intensity and dynamics…..

(RTS-2) /Green Belt or Equivalent Real World Stripe: – Once the traditional training has been completed the student will be trained in;


9. Stance/Balance/Movement (Ground)

10. Falling with Subject

11. Power Development for Striking (Standing – Ground)

12. Relative Levels of Positioning of a Subject

13. Blocking & Striking (Ground)

14. Ground Escapes and Rest Positions

15. Throws and Flips

16. Importance of Testifying in Court


(RTS-3) /Brown Belt or Equivalent Real World Stripe: – Once the traditional training has been completed the student will be trained in;


17. Conducting Low Level Simulations with RedMan bags

18. Conducting High Level Simulations with RedMan Gear

19. Importance of Safety Coaches in Training

20. Falling with Weapons (Sticks, Knives , Guns)

21. Positioning with Weapons (Defense Positions)

22. Blocking & Striking with Weapons (Standing- Ground)

23. Tactical Combinations with Weapons

24. Knife Fighting and Defending

25. Preparing written statements for Police


(RTS-4) /Black Belt or Equivalent Real World Stripe;-Once the traditional training has been completed the student will be trained in;


26. Supervising Low Level Simulations with bags

27. Supervising High Level Simulations with RedMan Gear

28. Training Safety Coaches for liability Training

29. Using Functional Training Weapons and other props

30. Use of Protective Gear in Training

31. Establishing goals and objectives for conducting simulations

32. 8-levels of Simulations Training

33. Role Playing and Safety Supervision

34. Writing lesson plans and directives


(RTS-5) /2nd Degree Black Belt or Equivalent Real World Stripe;- Once the traditional training has been completed the student will be trained in;


35. Certifying your instructors in Low Level Simulations with bags

36. Certifying your instructors High Level Simulations with RedMan Gear

37. Certifying your instructors as Safety Coaches for liability Training

38. Certifying your instructors your instructors to use Functional Training Weapons and other props

39. Certifying your instructors in the use of RedMan Protective Gear in Training

40. Completing the Real World Instructor Certification


Above is just an example of how to bring in and introduce this new training which I feel will help motivate new students, retain currents students, and continue to refresh instructors in help maintain a successfully business. After each phase of training the student may purchase the e-books and other training material for their own training.


E-Books will be available ONLY for certified RTS Instructor. Each training series will have e-books and videos to help each instructor present the most accurate and up to date training available.


After all 5 phases of training have been complete the certified Instructor will have the opportunity to present and certify other instructors in this system and will have the opportunity to teach other NTC-RedMan Training Programs;


1. Woman Awareness Survival Program (WASP™)

2. Self Defense Weapon Systems

3. Personal Self Defense (PSD™)

4. Young Warriors Program (13-17 ages)

5. SABRE Civilian Instructor Certification


Above is just a basic outline of how this “Reality Training Series), will be integrated into existing styles and systems.


This is just the beginning of courses they will be able to teach because we also have a civilian firearms program, and edged weapons programs but again if you do not go through this training in the order we have out line then the person will not be able to particpate, or have access to hte material and liability protection we are offering.


I hope this helped some.


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Jan 02 2007

Martial Arts “Redman” Training

What to Expect in March 2007 for the New RedMan Program!

Even though we will be inside the dojo training we will be taking the training to various locations to enhance the environments we are being placed in….and show you how you can safely simulate these in your training areas!1. Stance/Balance/Movement (Standing) – Without these 3 factors defending oneself is nearly impossible. We will address foot work needed, various types of footwear and drills you can easily practice at home. Patterns of movement help is many ways –
• Helps build power
• Opens targets
• Helps with blocking and striking
• Assist in counters
• Enhances your tactical combinations
• Drills to build confidence for your students

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Dec 31 2006

Happy New Year All. . .

Happy New Year to all members and visitors to Uechi-ryu.com and Eastern Arts, from the Mattson family here in Florida.
Tonight is Susan and my wedding anniversary. Sue thought it would be a good idea to pick a day that I could hardly forget! 🙂
I’m lucky because we met on the evening that “Tiny” Tim got married on the Johnny Carson show. (Another date I’ll never forget) After a “blind” date meeting that went rather well, we ended up in a friend’s home watching the Late show together.
That was a lot of years ago and aside from a few business trips I’ve taken alone, we’ve seldom been out of one another’s sight since.

Not sure if this is a good formula for a successful marriage, but in our case we make a great team. Love and respect for one another is an irreplaceable part of a successful marriage and during those infrequent times when we have differences, Tia is always there to straighten out the problem. Oh yes. . . A good dog is another must for a successful relationship. 🙂

In Van Canna’s honor, I was going to write a lengthy treatise on breathing, but decided that my New Year gift to you all was to postpone the article until next year. 🙂

Be kind to everyone and enjoy (with the Mattson family) a healthy, happy and very prosperous New Year.
And. . . please, for me. . . Take the time to do something very nice for a friend, acquaintance or even a stranger. . . every day. I promise you will be pleased and generously rewarded. GEM

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Dec 29 2006

Coming back on the Floor!!

Our “Women and the Martial Arts” forum moderator Dana Sheets, is a gifted karate teacher and important to our forums, a talented writer. In the following “thread”, Dana asked some tough questions that all dojo owners probably asked at one time or another. What is your dojo’s policy?? [Click here to view more of this discussion.]

Coming back on the floor. . .
So every now and again we get someone who drops by the dojo to train
Somtimes it is a high ranking somebody who is in town for a short while. Sometimes it is one of our own students that we haven’t seen for months or years. And every now and again – it is someone who used to train Uechi someplace else many years ago and is thinking about training again.


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Dec 28 2006

Considering another trip

Hi People,

I just finished editing the 2006 China Trip photos. Took a while for everyone to get their pictures to me. Then again, I’m not the most computer literate person in the world. Anyways, the pictures will be sent to Sensei George Mattson and he will have them posted very soon.

At this time, upon request, I am working on our next trip to China. The date I’ve come up with is sometime in early November. Now that we have been to China and back, most are considered official globetrotters.

If you are interested in joining this trip in 2007, please contact me at darinyee@hotmail.com. I will begin working hard to get a lower cost then this year.

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Dec 27 2006

Real Experiences against a Knife!

Fascinating discussion going on in the Forums. Check it out!
The Surprise/Sudden Blade What is it and what are the
proper ways of dealing with it?
(BTW – Thats Rory, teaching at SummerFest!)
What are the possible indicators and tell-tales that someone is ready to deploy a blade or worse, that they already have it in hand though hidden?
How do people reading here train for it?

RA Miller Replied. . .

Mike- You won’t get a lot of responses to this for two reasons: the available experience is low and the stakes are high.
I’ve had five knife encounters. Sort of. Two were surprises. One of those was a flat-out ambush and I’m only alive because of a reflection and reflexes. So the real answer is to be very lucky and very fast.
The actual techniques from those two encounters probably won’t help, but for the sake of history: 1) Threat lunging at my lower back as fast and hard as she could with a steak knife. Spin leftwards, slap hands together over knife and yank to the outside of my left hip and throw the hardest right roundhouse kick I could into the abdomen.

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Dec 26 2006

Black Belt Test Guide Clarification, Part 2

Black Belt Test Requirements

Q: What are the requirements for IUKF Black Belt testing?
A: IUKF Black Belt testing requirements are as follows:
• Must be an IUKF member in good standing*
• An official IUKF test application must be submitted and approved 30 days prior to testing along with appropriate test fees.
o Testing fee: $150
• Local Black Belt Test administrator must be contacted to arrange test location
o If there is not local test administrator and the student is testing at Summer Camp applications should be sent to the Summer Camp administrator
• A recommendation from the student’s instructor.
• Time in grade minimum must be met.
• Optional guideline: Passing a pretest as determined by the local BBTA.
*Member or member in good standing, includes any person who has fulfilled the requirements for membership, and who neither has voluntarily withdrawn from membership nor has been expelled or suspended from membership after appropriate proceedings consistent with lawful provisions of the constitution and bylaws of the IUKF.

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Dec 26 2006

Black Belt Test Guide Clarifications Part 1

One of the first committees formed by Mr. Skeffington, was to go over the Black Belt Test Guide book, published in 1988 as a soft cover book and updated by the author in 2006 as an e-Book and clarify all the standards and requirements to 2006 recommendations.
In the following section, Mr. Skeffington presents the first phase of this update:

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Dec 25 2006

New Dojo Grand opening

Important Announcement:
Open House Date Changes!Darin Yee

Happy Holidays to all. I apologize for not being more active in my communication with everyone. I have been working on getting my new dojo open. Prior to this opening, I had promises I had to keep for doing seminars. It will be tough to travel after I open. I know my upcoming schedule still includes Edmonton, Canada – San Diego – Cuba (kung Fu) – and maybe Argentina to comply with all my commitments.
I will be having Grand Opening ceremonies this January 27th 2007 for my new dojo. We will begin with a traditional Lion Dance, as all martial art schools are associated. Some of the most famed martial artists in China are known simply for their abilities to teach and perform these rituals. Following the “Lion Dance”, some of my students and friends from Boston will demonstrate a few of our kung fu forms, which I may teach in my dojo after they have learned Uechi-Ryu. I will personally perform a Uechi-Ryu Kata, as it is a tradition for a sifu/sensei to perform prior to the opening of his school.

We will then go into the actual dojo where I will ask Gary Wong, Jose Aja, George Deraney, Herman Yee and maybe even Roddy Dow (if I can find him) to come up and do Sanchin as they were my original classmates in 1969 and the group from Mattson Academy who dominated the entire N.E.K.R.A tournament circuit in the early 1970s until we decided to stop competing within the United States.

I will then, in respect surrender the floor to Sensei George Mattson, the authentic, original founder and greatest promoter of Uechi-Ryu in America to teach the very first class to all my friends and supporters. After this work out, you will be my guess at the café for lunch (sorry we do not have an alcohol license yet).

I extend this invitation to all students of Uechi-Ryu. It matters not if you are a member of the IUKF or not. I consider all students of our style a part of our Uechi-Ryu Family. We need not agree on everything. Diversity is a good thing. If I have your respect, you certainly have mine.

If you need directions, please write me darinyee@hotmail.com . I will be happy to forward you directions to my new dojo. May love and wisdom prevail.

Strength and Honor,

Darin Yee

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Dec 21 2006

Blind Date with Sanchin

Blind date with Sanchin…
By Eva (From Belgium)

Sounds like a crazy idea but actually it is a wonderful experience.Why I would like to share this with you is partly because I feel that there will be a lot of new things to discover. On the other hand because I am interested to know if there are any other people who ever practiced Sanchin in this way?With a few adventurous fellow karateka got the crazy idea to run Sanchin blind.So based on trust that everybody keeps his/her eyes closed we started to do the kata.

First time there was some slight confusion. We all felt uncertainty where reached the point to turn direction. Everybody noticed that ears worked like powerful “radars”.

Most of us ended with a slightly degree difference from our start position.

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