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by George Mattson
early morning bikingOK, OK. . . the shock of turning 70 has passed. . .

Somewhat. . . and based on the results of my annual physical, I decided to carefully look at my lifestyle and based on some research and advice from my many doctor friends, modify things that I shouldn’t be doing and (of course) treats I enjoy! (No, No . . . Susan and Tia stay!)♥

Anyway, nearly two months after making this decision, it was time for my “first time ever” colonoscopy yesterday morning! Wow. . . what an experience. Not the actual test, but the preparation for the procedure!!!!

An hour after I came home from the hospital I sat down at the computer and dashed off a rather lengthy newsletter as a follow-up letter sent earlier to my Mattson Academy “virtual” dojo members!  (I already sent a letter to them about our group’s health resolutions and wanted to write this newsletter while the experience of the colonoscopy was “fresh” in my mind!)

Well, the effects of the procedure hadn’t worn off yet and I was typing fast and furiously, things that I probably would never have said “clear-minded”. . .  like “I increased my bike laps around Lady Gertrude. . .”  instead of “Lake Gertrude”! hmmmm. It wasn’t even that lake…it was Lake Gracie!

My Doctor warned me not to drive, sign any papers or do anything requiring a “clear mind” after the procedure, but I didn’t think writing a newsletter would be such a big deal. Well, not only did the newsletter contain many typos, I decided to send it to my entire mailing list (3000+ people)

This morning I got up at 4AM and discovered that my e-mail box was filled with extremely nice e-mail from all over the world, thanking me for talking about a subject that many people ignore. (as I did for so many years) No one commented on the “typos”, except Susan. . . Well, that’s another story!

I’ll share one typical e-mail, received from a Uechi teacher in Florida:


Sensei Mattson,

Good article and interesting insight.  I’ve always been interested in health, nutrition and holistic medicine.

My colonoscopy was performed at 50 and it was exactly as you described in your article.  However, the "new" version is evolving and uses the computer and a tiny "pill-camera".

Glad to hear you were OK. My paternal grandfather died of colon cancer.

I’d be curious about your long term diet change – can you give up coffee, wine and other drinks?
. . .


Since I won’t be able to answer all the letters individually and since most people asked about my new diet plans, I’ll reprint my response to this letter:


I expect to modify my diet, but not so much that my little pleasures in life will suffer! 🙂

I’ll  continue having my one glass of wine with dinner and my "one" cup of coffee in the morning, but will be stricter about the rest of my diet.

I believe that we should "cheat" once in a while. Otherwise we will subconsciously believe we are "depriving" ourselves of little pleasures. Hence, for my few meals a week in restaurants I’ll "cheat" a little. . . .

Thanks for not commenting on the “typos”. . . On the other hand, if you speedread it, (I speed wrote it), it isn’t so bad! :

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