Oct 26 2007

New USA Citizen… Bryan Liu

I’ve met many wonderful people who were/are associated with the martial arts. In 1983, Wenji (Johnny/Bryan) Liu became a valuable liasan between the China martial art community (in New York and Fuzhou China) and my efforts to locate links between Uechi-ryu and Chinese fighting systems.
Because of Wenji’s efforts, my early SummerFests were able to host many visitors from China, including a number of very famous Gungfu celebrities who helped make those early camps so successful.

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Oct 20 2007

Stress and Realism in the Martial Arts

Stress and Realism in the martial arts:

[From Van Canna’s "Realism" Forum. An important topic that is normally not discussed in a dojo and one where no pat answers exist. I’ve written about it and in accompanying chapters, discuss what I consider to be the best, albeit, limited solutions.   The subject is part of my new "memories" book, which will be published for next year’s 25th anniversary SummerFest. Thanks to Gary S. for opening up the topic on Van’s forum. . . based on his personal experiences.  GEM] 

GEM & his CZ500 Race Bike
I was an avid motorcyclist back in the 70s and 80s. I had a Czechoslovakian race bike (CZ 500) that I raced through the Plymouth reservations three to four times a week with my good friend Dick Bettencourt, who owned the local Honda/Suzuki dealership in West Bridgewater, Ma.

Susan will remember the many days I would come home after a five-hour romp in the woods taking off my leathers, and displaying a body filled with bruises caused by the many falls resulting from the learning process of progressing from a bicycle to 250cc Honda street cycle to a high powered racing motorcycle.

I persevered, and eventually became adept enough to actually enter some amateur motocross races and further progressing to agree on participating in a month-long advanced motorcycle trek. Beginning in the black mountains of California and progressing to Mexico, where five of us retraced the Baja 500 motorcycle race, an experience I’ll never forget.

N.H. International Cross Country RallyThe point of my story, is to relate the original stress and tension of simply getting on a high-powered motorcycle and experiencing the thrill of speeding through a narrow wooded trail, inches from protruding branches tree stumps and over gaping gullies and down steep ravines and through water and mud valleys, attempting to keep up with the breakneck speed of the experienced riders.

Fast forward a month, countless bruises and aches and pains accompanying the training, and suddenly all of what appeared originally to be unattainable, suddenly became commonplace and as uneventful as driving a car.

Fast forward 30 years-and not having sat on a motorcycle all that time, and suddenly finding yourself on the seat of a simple 250 CC motor scooter and once again discovering both the thrill and stress of performing a new and different experience. Deciding to go on a 10 mile jaunt, I discovered at the end of the 10 miles, that every muscle in my body was sore. In spite of the fact that I did not encounter anything dangerous or out of the ordinary, my body exerted enough tension so as to drain all energy from my body.

NH RallyMy feeling is, that anyone studying the martial arts, will benefit tremendously, from the internalizing and reinforcement of fighting techniques that come from the repetitive performance of Kata, drills, Bunkai and free fighting. However, I equate this type of familiarization with fighting as more of a dry run than being ready to actually engage in a real life fight with inexperienced and tried/true streetfighter. It is important, that all martial art instructors realize the limitations and expectations resulting from their training. Having an arsenal of tools and the training to use those tools in the confines and safety of the dojo, is not the same as being surprised and overrun by one or more highly experienced (to the actual feeling of being hit, bloodied, incapacitated-on both sides of the giving/taking spectrum.) street Thugs who regularly engage in this type of fighting.

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Oct 20 2007

Mattson Academy “Virtual” Dojo

So…. You want to study Uechi-ryu!
Virtual dojo


About 8 years ago I made a video tape that is still running on our Video Website. On this tape I predicted that web technology would soon enable teaching the martial arts on-line within five years!
Well, although the technology was available even before the five years prediction, few of the individuals who requested my help, had the computer equipment needed to accomplish this.
By 2005, most people who wish to either supplement their dojo studies or lacking a local dojo, actually progress through the ranks, enabling them to qualify for testing by a certified test board.
What equipment do you need to participate in this program:
  1. A video camera.
  2. Video editing program and the skills to transfer a video clip from your camera to a video file on your computer.
  3. Web access, enabling you to either send video clips to me or to upload the clips to Google Video.
  4. Ability to access the Eastern Arts’ On-Line Learning Center.
    1. Must have computer that meets requirements listed here: http://members.optecs.com/confighelp/VoiceHelp.asp
    2. Willing to meet on-line once a month for conferencing and video critiquing of lessons
    3. Willing to practice as required to progress and achieve goals of program.
How program works:
  1. Sign-up for an “evaluation” session with me. (Cost is $19.95, payable through Paypal or G&S secure store)
    1. This evaluation session includes a meeting with you on the “ Learning Center ”
    2. Review of the features of the “ Learning Center”
      • Telephone quality features of the site.
      • Ability to share documents and review the documents together.
      • Ability to view film clips together and review techniques, corrections and suggestions.
      • Capability to have students of same rank meet together for on-line classes.
    3. Option to sign-up to the On-line Mattson Academy! $39.95 a month.
    4. Receive DVD courses for all ranks up through Brown Belt (Ikkyu)
    5. Receive Black Belt Test Guide 3 rd edition.
    6. Receive monthly lessons on-line and in e-Book format.
    7. Personal review session where goals are established and technical material is covered that is needed to achieve these goals.
    8. Special discounts for G&S products and Eastern Arts’ activities.
Sign-up today for your special “evaluation” session. Send me an e-mail and I will schedule our on-line meeting with you at a convenient time for us both.

Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.


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Oct 16 2007

Subscribe to my Free Newsletter

early morning bikingOK, OK. . . the shock of turning 70 has passed. . .
Somewhat. . . and based on the results of my annual physical, I decided to carefully look at my lifestyle and based on some research and advice from my many doctor friends, modify things that I shouldn’t be doing and (of course) treats I enjoy! (No, No . . . Susan and Tia stay!)♥

Anyway, nearly two months after making this decision, it was time for my “first time ever” colonoscopy yesterday morning! Wow. . . what an experience. Not the actual test, but the preparation for the procedure!!!!

An hour after I came home from the hospital I sat down at the computer and dashed off a rather lengthy newsletter as a follow-up letter sent earlier to my Mattson Academy “virtual” dojo members!  (I already sent a letter to them about our group’s health resolutions and wanted to write this newsletter while the experience of the colonoscopy was “fresh” in my mind!)

Well, the effects of the procedure hadn’t worn off yet and I was typing fast and furiously, things that I probably would never have said “clear-minded”. . .  like “I increased my bike laps around Lady Gertrude. . .”  instead of “Lake Gertrude”! hmmmm. It wasn’t even that lake…it was Lake Gracie!

My Doctor warned me not to drive, sign any papers or do anything requiring a “clear mind” after the procedure, but I didn’t think writing a newsletter would be such a big deal. Well, not only did the newsletter contain many typos, I decided to send it to my entire mailing list (3000+ people)

This morning I got up at 4AM and discovered that my e-mail box was filled with extremely nice e-mail from all over the world, thanking me for talking about a subject that many people ignore. (as I did for so many years) No one commented on the “typos”, except Susan. . . Well, that’s another story!

I’ll share one typical e-mail, received from a Uechi teacher in Florida:


Sensei Mattson,
Good article and interesting insight.  I’ve always been interested in health, nutrition and holistic medicine.
My colonoscopy was performed at 50 and it was exactly as you described in your article.  However, the "new" version is evolving and uses the computer and a tiny "pill-camera".
Glad to hear you were OK. My paternal grandfather died of colon cancer.

I’d be curious about your long term diet change – can you give up coffee, wine and other drinks?
. . .


Since I won’t be able to answer all the letters individually and since most people asked about my new diet plans, I’ll reprint my response to this letter:


I expect to modify my diet, but not so much that my little pleasures in life will suffer! :)

I’ll  continue having my one glass of wine with dinner and my "one" cup of coffee in the morning, but will be stricter about the rest of my diet.

I believe that we should "cheat" once in a while. Otherwise we will subconsciously believe we are "depriving" ourselves of little pleasures. Hence, for my few meals a week in restaurants I’ll "cheat" a little. . . .

Thanks for not commenting on the “typos”. . . On the other hand, if you speedread it, (I speed wrote it), it isn’t so bad! :

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Oct 11 2007

Mount dynamics for MMA

Teaching/Learning Traditional Uechi-ryu
does not mean ignoring reality!
It is my belief that every dojo should have a grappling program for "stand-up" martial artist. All students should have experience and tools for dealing with the likelihood that fights today will involve ground fighting. Gone are the days of John Wayne street encounters where the guy on the ground is helped to his feet before he gets hit again. Today, the object of most street fighters is to get their adversary on the ground where the victim can be kicked or "pound & ground"!

My philosophy is that ground fighting is simply "doing kata while horizontal"! We work on moves and techniques (similar to the ones in Morne Swanepoel’s article) as sequence drills, then with a partner. I teach these techniques as part of my Uechi-ryu program. To me, they are important applications drawn from the Uechi-ryu "core" program. GEM

Mount dynamics for MMA


One of the most emphasized coaching instructions in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) No Holds Barred and Submission wrestling today is – POSITIONING.

The Oxford dictionary explains positioning as follow:
‘ place occupied by person or thing; proper place; way thing is placed, mental attitude, state of affairs, situation, rank or status, strategic point ‘

The above explanation is clear, but what does this mean in the world of MMA and Submission wrestling ?

The goal to obtain superior positioning over ones opponent in the stand up and ground ranges to execute devastating strikes, submission and choke holds has become imperative for any combat athlete.

Attaining the mounted position is one of the most sought after positions for most fighters & students in MMA/Submission wrestling. This occurs when one fighter is on top of his opponent, astride his chest with both knees on the floor. There are various reasons why this position is sought after:

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Oct 07 2007

“Frunp is out!”

Hi Everyone,
The following is an email from Seth Rosenblatt, a Uechi student, located in San Francisco. He and his wife will need lots of support if Seth wants to retire by the age of 30 :) 
Check out their website:


K is 4 Kill is the brainchild of Skye and myself, combining her need to address the lack of hawt and affordable women’s designer T-shirts and accessories and my desire to retire by the age of 30.

Well, one out of two isn’t so bad.

Seriously, this project has weathered everything from hard drive failures to woefully misadvertised slam poetry events. The designs are geared for both men and women, and we hope that you’ll check out our Web site and, if you feel so inclined, purchase a shirt. Our first T features San Francisco’s (and possibly the world’s) greatest zombie burlesque troop, the Living Dead Girlz ( http://www.livingdeadgirlz.com), in a limited edition print in metallic silver foil on black, red or blue on women’s cut T’s and in matte gray against black, charcoal or navy T’s for the men’s cut.

Please forward this email on to anybody who you think might be interested in what we’re doing. In the future, we hope to expand not just the product line, but create a com… but I’ve said too much. As Skye mentions in the first post on the site, we’re already shipping orders to Sweden, Japan, Australia, the U.K. and around the U.S. Not sure why Canada isn’t represented… anybody know any Canadians who wear T-shrits?

For those who’ve helped us incubate this project, we are extremely grateful.

Remember: Frump is out.


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Sep 28 2007

Uechi Teachers’ New Publications!

For those of you who are Jay Nussbaum fans (like me) and. . . for those of you who Jay's new bookare about to discover him. . . Now is the time to order his new book. I just finished my copy yesterday and must say I enjoyed it very much. Much of the action takes place in this "fictitious" dojo in Boston where Jay and J.J. (The hero of the novel) both studied during their law school days.
All martial artist (especially Uechi practitioners) will relate to many of the situations J.J. finds himself in. Maybe not those relating to J.J.’s very volatile "full contact" encounters with women in his life, but certainly with his dojo experiences.  I highly recommend this book to everyone. GEM

Here is what others have said about Jay’s book:

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Sep 28 2007

Dave Mott’s new DVD


Good News! David Mott has finished his new DVD!

Thanks to Chris McKaskell for sending us the following review. . .

I really like the DVD and the exercises. I’ll probably need a few more for the various people 
“David Mott recently made a DVD of Coiling Silk Exercises he has been quietly working on and sharing with his students at Cold Mountain School, in Toronto.
There are eight exercises in total and each derives its form from various physical phrases found directly in the practice of Uechi-Ryu.
I’ve shared them with my small class and have found them to be valuable in developing body integration, a deeper understanding of breath as it relates to movement, smoothing out small muscle control issues and opening a new chapter in the way Uechi kata can be perceived.
Besides that, performing these exercises makes me feel good.

Chris McKaskell

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Sep 22 2007

Tornado Aftermath

Tornado Hits Close to Home!
Many trees uprootedFriday night around 10PM, Tia began pacing up and down the house, as though she was looking for a place to hide. Our Emergency Radio came on soon after, warning all Mount Dora, Eustis residents that a Tornado had been picked up on radar and was headed our way.

We experienced strong winds and rain, but fortunately weren’t affected by the Tornado. Many homes were destroyed but no lives were lost.

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Aug 26 2007

Celebration of First Blackbelts

This is a seminar you don’t want to miss. . . 

On the body there are a great number of accessible entries to nerve structures that will cause a loss of body control, reflexive actions and other disruptive affects on the body’s normal functions.   Typically when attacking the body the results were based on mass, strength and condition, but when attacking the nerves these limitations are no longer as concerning.This special knowledge of accessing the human anatomy is called Kyusho (Okinawan term for Vital Point).  And as all nerves lay between muscle, tendon and bone structures the Art of Uechi Ryu maps and teaches the practitioner how to correctly target these accessible targets, rather than the supportive structures surrounding them.  By using the pre-arranged training drill of Dan Kumite, this powerful knowledge is quickly and easily assimilated, yield much more effect and potential in your Art.

In an article from Dragon Times with Shinyu Gushi Sensei on Kyusho in Uechi Ryu…

Dragon Times: When you were learning karate as a young student, did the seniors teach you kyusho (nerve points)?

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