Jun 24 2007

SummerFest Updates

Shihan KyushuEvan Pantazi
will be teaching a class with Shihan Bill Glasheen relating to the Kyushu points in Superempi. A second class will focus on these points in the main three kata of Uechi-ryu.
From Evan:Mattson Sensei,

Thank you. As always I appreciate the opportunity to once again share the Kyusho possibilities in Uechi Katas.  The focus will be on Sanchin, Seisan and Sanseiru… oh and just to stir up a bit of controversy… Suparempi!
Kyusho is real, it has been through a major resurgence over the last couple of decades and been through the rigors of doubters and controversy on every level.  It has withstood the turmoil and is more widespread than ever with Martial Artists, Doctors and Scientists from around the world.


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Jun 20 2007

Jim Maloney

Jim & GEMShihan Jim Maloney called last week and confirmed that he will be teaching at this year’s SummerFest!

In keeping with this year’s theme of "All is in Uechi-ryu", Jim will be focusing on Uechi kata and many self defense applications not usually identified with our kata. Jim will also be demonstrating and teaching a number of interesting variations he sees in kyu and dan kumite.

I’m sure many of our first time SummerFest attendees have heard about Jim’s popular "pressure point" seminars and would be disappointed if Jim didn’t spend some time teaching how Uechi-ryu can be "cranked-up" by targeting pressure points. Jim correctly explained that all moves in Uechi can, with practice, include the use of the most sensitive pressure points taught in his seminars.

Jim has a number of DVD training courses available in the Uechi store. His pressure point course is absolutely one of the best available anywhere. Check them out here!

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Jun 17 2007

Al Wharton

Al Wharton

Al Wharton will be at SummerFest

July 27 – 29th, Teaching his Innovative Seichin Combat Bunkai.

Those of us who were present at Shihan Wharton’s Hanchidan ceremony in 2005, were amazed at the Seichin Combat Bunkai demonstration he gave following the promotion ceremony.

This exciting application of Uechi-ryu’s Seichin kata uncovers some of the mysteries of this amazing kata. Although Seichin is taught to students before Seisan (the second of the big three Uechi forms), many teachers agree that this form is generally under-rated by the Uechi community.

I remembered when Al first questioned me about this complex kata, that pretended to be a green belt assignment. "I’m intreged and fascinated by what I’m discovering hidden within this set of movements", explained Al. "What do you thing about my taking some of what I see in these moves and creating a bunkai"?

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Jun 14 2007

Joe Pomfret at SummerFest!

Joe Pomfret will be a SummerFest Presenter again this year!
Although there may be one or two of the 3/4 million people who visit this site every month who don’t know Shihan Pomfret or his superstar student, Joe Lauzon, I suspect the vast majority of you will recognize his name and his incredible fighting skills.
What many of you may not appreciate, though, is that Joe is one of the world’s most talented as well as “gifted” martial art instructor, capable of clearly and simply transmitting his knowledge to students.

Even though Joe is a superb “ground” fighter, he has never abandoned his “stand-up” core-uechi-ryu fighting background. Joe and his students win many of their MMA matches with their powerhouse “standup” techniques.

Looking for a way to prepare for Joe’s seminars? Why not order Joe’s two DVD and begin practicing the fundamentals of ground fighting, taught by best.

Most important – Get those SummerFest applications in early! Oh yes. . . Joe Lauzon is scheduled to be with us as well! (He has been a regular at SummerFest for years! – Lauzon will be the featured UFC fight tonight Thursday, June 14th on SPIKE Cable)

Joe has two really great DVDs for sale on this site. The first one, VidMag 24: Joe Pomfret’s Grappling for ‘Stand-up’ Martial Artists is a “must have” video for the traditional “stand-up” martial artist. Learn the basics of GroundFighting, including the “Shoot”, “Hooks” and other very workable techniques. Learn how to get your opponent to the ground, how to keep him there and how to apply submission holds. Demonstratred and taught in an easily understood manner.

Joe Pomfret, assisted by Joe Lauzon, has come up with a dynamite follow-up to his fantastic basic grappling video. This DVD focuses on a new type of grappling pre-arranged kumite that Joe suggests will aid the traditional martial artist improve their ground fighting skill. Another “must have” for your library and one that you will use over and over in your training

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Jun 08 2007

“All is in Uechi-ryu”!

SummerFest 2007 Theme!

I received a surprising number of e-mail from past SummerFest participants, suggesting a more focused Uechi-ryu schedule for this year. I always counter with the fact that there are always  classes in Uechi-ryu going on every hour, for beginners, intermediates and advanced students.
However, I also try to hear what people are saying “between the lines” and after bouncing some ideas off a cross section of students and teachers, feel that this year’s theme is what people are looking for.
This year’s SummerFest will be turning the emphasis of subjects around a bit. Nearly all the seminars will be dealing with the theme of:
“All is in Uechi-ryu”!
Most of the seminars will be conducted by groups of senior Uechi teachers and their job will be to cover a segment of Uechi-ryu and show how teachers and students can expand their interpretation and understanding of their training. . . beyond the obvious basic techniques and mindset learned as new/er students.

Having two or three teachers working in these seminars will give the participants a broader understanding of the purpose of movements, deeply hidden or just beneath the surface of what they may be doing day after day in the dojo.

Although the primary reason for offering the SummerFest variety of martial methods was to expose our teachers and students to old-style and modern methods of self-defense, the destinction involving how these methods relate to our dojo practices were unclear to many and unfortunately, some felt I was recommending an option to Uechi rather than insights into our style, by bringing so many non-Uechi practitioners to SummerFest.

Whether this was a reason for so many dojo staying away is unclear, but this year’s format should be exciting to those that might have felt SummerFest was not a 100% Uechi-related event.

I’ll be very busy this year, working with all the presenters and making sure they understand the intent and purpose of all seminars being presented.

Susan and I hope you will get your application in early and will be able to spend all three days with us. If you have a suggestion for a seminar that fits into this year’s theme, please e-mail me or call: 321-273-0409.

Remember…. “All is in Uechi-ryu”!


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Jun 05 2007

Glasheen Talks Politics

Glasheen Talks Politics….

It all began with a post from Adam, one of our very active Canadian "forumite" poster. What would a martial art site be without a couple of discussions pertaining to the USA’s next presidential election. . . [Check it out here]

REPUBLICANS: Please vote for John McCain. Watching the debate, the only guy not to scare the crap out of me was that man.(yes i know, old debate)

He was *GASP* against torture.(too bad nobody applauded that)

I’m pretty liberal politically, but if the republicans were to come into power, id rather have him sitting on the throne then anyone else.

I don’t agree with all his views, but at least he’s who he says he is, and unlike someone, he actually fought in a war and suffered for it.

It’s a shame he’s unpopular.

Bill Responds. . .

I like John McCain because he’s one of the few politicians who doesn’t pander to what the public wants. Most of the rest of them are spineless. John’s views have been pretty consistent for years. You know what you’re getting with him. His biggest weakness is a lack of charisma.

I saw Richardson being interviewed on Meet The Press a few Sundays ago. The guy’s a joke. He two-faces every issue he talks about. Forgetaboutit. He’ll never last.

Hillary is a polarizing figure, for sure. But as much as she scares me, she really is one smart cookie. I always thought the same about Bill Clinton. Most of his views scared the you-know-what out of me. But he was a very smart man who seemed to be able to get things done. More importantly, Clinton had a Republican Congress who wouldn’t let him spend a dime. It was a beautiful combination. That’s why we had balanced budgets.

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Jun 04 2007

The Gentle Side of Van Canna!

The Gentle Side of Van Canna. . .

Sussurra La Sera …Whispers the evening…

I’ll try to describe the sensation.

field of dreams
This ‘urban feeling’ made of black asphalt and street lamp-posts that challenge the night to a duel.

Brilliant sentries of the night that constrict and dim in the instant two brilliant car’s headlights lash the iris of your eyes habituated to penumbra.

A dreamy boulevard_ made of sidewalks that slide under the soles of your shoes_ of shadows that slink along the dirty walls, a path made of sad city lights that exist in slices of a black sky _ feebly illuminated by a handful of stars and a chunk of moon arguing with the clouds.

{ Moments in memory clamor to be acknowledged as you walk…a night on an ocean liner’s deck…ships’ lights distant on a flat sea meshing with twinkles of far away lands…a lighthouse’s beacon, shining beyond the silent black mantle, morosely pointing the ways of lost men looking for a harbor

-Click on James Dean picture to view The Bohemian Cafe Thread -

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May 30 2007

Tourney Schedule

Greetings Senseis and Black Belts,
This message comes with my sincere wish that you’re all doing well and training vigorously.
In the past several months, four of your brothers in Uechi-ryu Karate-Do (America) have been working diligently to unite the younger members of our style in some friendly competition. Those brothers are, Bob Bethoney, Darin Yee, Len Testa and Me.
I’ve been training  in Uechi-ryu Karate long enough (since 1967) to know that, no matter what rank you are, what you do for a living, how many degrees you have, how many students you have, who you study with or how many trophies you’ve won, you’re nothing unless you exhibit what is known as Bushido.
In the spirit of Bushido (The warriors way) I would like to invite you and your students to our third event of the 2008 Uechiryu Karate Championship Series. I’m calling this tournament:
UECHI FORCE KARATE TOURNAMENT in honor of the great  Master Uechi Kanei.
Please find the time Saturday, October 4, 2008 to attend the event at the Jungleplex, 8 Natalie Way, Plymouth, MA. We’ll have opening ceremonies at 9:00am sharp. The black belt meeting will be at 8:30am. This Series is doing great!  Bob and Darin set a good pace for success. I hope I can do the same. We’re having a banquet in November to award the Champions their trophies, we’ll talk about Uechi-ryu, make friends and have a great meal together.
Lastly, some of you may not know me. I’m  willing to go to your dojo and tell you about my up-coming tournament and the Series. I’m also willing to teach a class for you. I go to Okinawa (Master Arakaki’s Yagibaru Dojo) every year for training in Karate-Do and Kobudo. I’m sure you’d find the things that I teach are something you’ve never seen before in Uechi-ryu.  
The flyer for the event is attached.   Please hang it on your bulletin boards to let your students (17 and younger) know about the event.    

Manny Neves

Click "more" for a complete tournament schedule. . .

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May 23 2007

GEM – NH visit

What is Uechi-ryu?

Ask five individuals who practice this art and you will get five different answers. But if you ask any one of the 200+ graduates of Buzz Durkin’s organization, who earned their rank this year, chances are “fighting” or even “self-defense” would not be their primary reason.

Their organization teaches and practices the “Art” of fighting. . . They are proud of the many other benefits accrued by studying Uechi-ryu. Self confidence, improved health and something a lot of dojo ignore – the social and “family” aspects of belonging to a professionally taught and administered organization.

Durkin sensei invited me to attend and participate in the Butokukai’s “ceremony” of receiving a black belt degree. The pre-tests and tests were held throughout the past six months. The actual ceremony was conducted at the Timberlane Performing Arts Center in Atkinson, NH. The 1000+ seats were all sold out long before the event was held and I understood tickets were actually being “resold” on e-Bay, according to rumors! :)

Instead of the usual karate show, Buzz and his hard working staff, created a multi-media presentation that was super professional, entertaining and educational. If you get an opportunity to view the dvd that every participant received, check it out.

I’ll be writing more about the weekend, including the rain drenched 15 holes of golf played Sunday morning! :) But class begins in a half hour and I have three brown belts that are being tested at SummerFest in July and all three want to make the best impression possible. Can’t be late for their class!

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May 16 2007

Mel Brand Interview

Update: 5/25/2007:
I had a chance to listen to the interview with my father today.  It was awsome to listen to.  It was nice to listen to the two of you talking about those times.  It was also nice to hear my father sounding so happy. 
Thank you
Michael Brand
Note: A winning entry arrived!

Sensei Mattson,
I believe the boy in the photo on your webpage is a young Kiyohide Shinjo.
                                 Walt Young

A Very Interesting Interview with Mel Brand!

(This is not his picture. . . but a picture of a student in the Kadena dojo during the time Mel was on Okinawa. Oh yes… a free set of training posters will be given to the first person who e-mails me with the name of the student! Compliments of Ihor Rymaruk.) Click on the student’s picture for the link to the interview & more pictures.
Although I am given credit for being an early pioneer of Uechi-ryu, there were actually Americans who “dabbled” in the dojo of Okinawa even before me. Most were only interested in learning how to fight and the Okinawans allowed them to punch the makiwara and kick a heavy bag until they tired of the hard work and quit.
A few years after I returned to America, a few soldiers actually requested duty on Okinawa in order to study Uechi-ryu in a serious and diligent manner. Milford “Mel” Brand was one of these individuals.Mel studied a little Judo in Fort Bragg before being transferred to Okinawa. Soon after his arrival he was fortunate in discovering the dojo of Master Seiyu Shinjo in the village of Kadeda. From that day on, Mel trained whenever possible and before returning to the states, earned his Shodan (1st degree Black Belt).

A few weeks ago, Mel’s son Michael Brand contacted me and asked if I would like to have some photographs taken on Okinawa that his father gave him. Naturally I wanted to also find out more information about Michaels’ father and one thing led to another, resulting in the one hour interview I did with Mel this morning.
We don’t have a lot of factual, documented history relating to our style. Most of what we do and what we know is stored in the mind-vaults of the early practitioners of our art who were fortunate enough to have trained with the original masters of Uechi-ryu – many who actually studied with Kanbun Uechi and the original techniques and methods taught by Kanbun.
I hope you enjoy the “off the cuff” discussion between two “very old” timers as they reminisce and recall the teachings and philosophies of early Uechi-ryu and as taught by the most respected of teachers. . . Shinjo, Seiyu.

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