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Tia likes diamonds!

by George Mattson

We need everyone to wish us luck…


My friend Sarah gave me her diamond earings and bracelet last Friday so I could get a selling price for them from a jeweler friend. They were in a very small plastic bag so when I got home, I decided to put them in a jewelry pouch. I was interrupted by a phone call so I put the bracelet on my dresser and  the earings and bag were left on the corner of my bed.  After the call I went to put the earings in the pouch and didn’t see them. There was only the plastic bag???
I immediately thought, did Tia eat them when she came in the room?   She has NEVER touched anything in the 14.5 years I’ve had her. She was lying on the other side of the bed with her back towards me so I went over to her and saw one loose diamond in front of her.  My instinct was right. She ate one earing and the setting for the other. She must have chewed them so that one stone came loose…Thank god they weren’t huge, although she might not have touched them if they were. So we are on poop patrol   Guess we’ll have to blame the Cushings disease.
Wish us luck, no success so far. Tia had an xray Tues to make sure we didn’t miss the earing. It was still sitting in her stomach with the setting for the other diamond. The vet gave us some high fiber food to see if it would help move the earing. We go back for another xray tomorrow.


Sarah’s vet recommended endoscopy after she stopped laughing

Tia’s original vet  in MA said to try mineral oil first

Tia’s current vet recommends surgery


It probably will be cheaper to replace the diamond, but then we’ll end up checking poop for the rest of Tia’s life.


So pray that Tia passes the earing. I know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I always thought you wore them…


After you stop laughing, pray!!!



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