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SummerFest Updates

by George Mattson
Shihan KyushuEvan Pantazi
will be teaching a class with Shihan Bill Glasheen relating to the Kyushu points in Superempi. A second class will focus on these points in the main three kata of Uechi-ryu.
From Evan:Mattson Sensei,

Thank you. As always I appreciate the opportunity to once again share the Kyusho possibilities in Uechi Katas.  The focus will be on Sanchin, Seisan and Sanseiru… oh and just to stir up a bit of controversy… Suparempi!
Kyusho is real, it has been through a major resurgence over the last couple of decades and been through the rigors of doubters and controversy on every level.  It has withstood the turmoil and is more widespread than ever with Martial Artists, Doctors and Scientists from around the world.


I have been honored over the past decade that Mattson Sensei has allowed me to work with Uechi-Ryu and Kyusho at this Summer Camp.  I have also had the opportunity to work with many people and make many friends (even wearing a black gi), in Uechi in England, Bermuda, France, Italy as well as the USA. I look forward to seeing everyone as well as meetng new folks to share the benefits and depth of Kyusho in Uechi-Ryu!

Evan Pantazi kyusho.com

Shihan Bill Glasheen – Superempi
Uechi-ryu’s lost kata?
Bill Glasheen
Since 1983, when SummerFest was created, many guest teachers from China have honored us by teaching kata that purportedly related to the system that Grandmaster Kanbun Uechi studied and eventually taught in Japan and Okinawa.
Although interesting and appealing from a historical standpoint, no one took these “forms” back to their dojo and added them to their daily workouts.

Not until Simon Lailey, a British Goju black belt returned from an extended stay in China with a super long set called “Superempi” did the Uechi world sit up and take notice of a form that fit into the Sanchin – Seisan – Sanseiryu formula for expanded technique/application and in growing numbers, accepting it as a credible Uechi-ryu kata.

Bill has accepted and works the kata and uses it as a tool, in the same way the Chinese martial art world uses these physical/mental sets for training. Bill teaches this set as a work-in-progress, not a rigid and set-in-stone mold into which all students must fit. Those of us who practice Superempi, use it in the same way we use our other Uechi kata. . . not as ritualized movement, but as fluid, flexible, healthful and highly practical tool kit, containing an infinate number of self-defense techniques and applications. Oh yea. . . its a challenge as well. . .

This year Bill will be once again working hard on the field with all who wants to peek into the wonderful and secret world of Superempi.

Of course Bill will also be overseeing the annual “FireDragon” Challenge on Saturday. This year, instead of forcing our FireDragon Warriors to do “pullups” from a tree limb, we will have a pullup bar! 🙂

Master Fang-chih Lee (Fawn for short).

Will be teaching at this year’s SummerFest. We are indeed, very fortunate in having such a highly skilled martial artist as a presenter this year. Master Fang-chih and Shihan Darin Yee will be emphasizing the relationship to the “Sticky-Hands” in TaiChi to the Uechi-ryu Kotikiti, “Wa-Uke” and Sanchin principles.

Master Fang-chi Lee’s qualifications are as follows:
     Member of the National Shao Lin Kung-Fu Team (1984-1987)
Tai Chi Master, Sandan in Kendo
Certified Reflexology Therapeutics (Le Foot Health Association, Taiwan)
Master of Science, recreation management
Bachelor of science, movement studies

     -Taiwan National Champion
-Program Director of Training and Development for the Government of ROC.
-Member of Government (ROC) compatition team
-Certified judge for International Compititions
-Kendo Coach (Wei-Do High School)
-Instructor of Chinese Martial Arts (Chei-I Technical Junior College)
-Instructor of Chinese Martial Arts (Zhong Dai Medical College)

Roy Bedard: A True Uechi Champion. . .
Roy will be at SummerFest all three days, teaching The Uechi sparring techniques that made him one of our nation’s leading sport fighter until he retired in 1995.Roy Bedard
Highlighted Competition Experience
  • 1995 Pan American Games/ U.S. Team Trials U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • 1994 – U.S. Team Player – World Karate Championship, Kota Kinabula, Malaysia
  • 1994 – Awarded 5th Degree Blackbelt by World Karate Federation, Kota Kinabula, Malaysia
  • 1994 – USA National Championship, Jacksonville, Fl.. Silver Medalist
  • 1993 – U.S. Team Player, Kuwait Liberation Cup, Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • 1993 – Team Florida Member USA National Championships, Phoenix, Arizona Silver Medalist
  • 1992 – U.S. Team Player, North American Cup, Vancouver, Canada Bronze Medalist
  • 1992 – USA National Team trials, Akron, Ohio Bronze Medalist
  • 1992 – Team Florida member USA National Championships, Dallas, Texas Silver Medalist
  • 1991 – U.S. Team Player, North American Cup, Monterey, Mexico – Silver Medalist
  • 1991 – Sunshine State Games, Sarasota, Fl. – Gold Medalist
  • 1990 – U.S. Team vs. Egypt Goodwill Competition, Akron, Ohio – Gold Medalist
  • 1989 – USA National Championship, Orlando, FL
  • 1988 – USA National Championship, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1987 – Captain of the United States Team, Pan-American Championship San Pedro Sula, Honduras Bronze Medalist
  • 1985-1994 – United States National Karate Team Member
  • 1980-1994 – Fourteen Time National Qualifier and Competitor
  • 1987-1992 – Five Time United States Karate Federation Florida State Fighting Champion
  • 1981-1984 – Three Time Amateur Athletic Union Florida State Fighting Champion
In addition to sparring, Roy is eager to show his “traditional” side to the Uechi world. In his own words. . .

“As most people know, I have created programs, patented products , copyrighted materials  and developed a business out of police tactics. It has been my life’s work since 1986. My reputation has morphed from being the Uechi-Ryu Instructor to being the Police Tactics Expert. My method of instruction today involves a calculated blend of karate, judo and aikido, flavored with bits of kobudo all encased in modern legal theory. I have, unwittingly become eclectic in my approach to combat, which I now find amusing, since I was one of the die-hard claimants of dogmatic practice out of ‘traditional’ necessity.  Today I intentionally incorporate ‘change’ into my method of instruction as new technology, new laws, new awareness and new demands are placed on professional combatants (i.e. cops, solders, security personnel). I am no longer just an ‘empty-hand’ enthusiast as I incorporate chemical agents, batons, dart firing stun guns, and firearms into my training regimen. But still Uechi-Ryu  remains my compass for proper technical guidance in everything that I create, develop and put out to the profession.

I’m happy to share with our group an overview of how I think our Uechi-Ryu fits into all of this, how it forms the foundation of a solid ‘reality’ base, and how though sometimes it may lack in my opinion, practical application, it is ripe with principle. I can, in particular – give you my take on Sanchin – something I have spent the last few years of Camp listening to, rather than participating in when it comes to academic discussion. As you might guess, I see it a little differently, viewing it through a combative looking glass and analyzing the science behind it for achieving balance, power, mindset and combat endurance. Otherwise, I am happy to sit and listen some more.”



Mark Brelsford
The theme “All is in Uechi-ryu” has guided Shihan Brelsford throughout his long and illustrious career in Uechi-ryu. Few martial artist understand the role of kata and conditioning better than Mark and I’m pleased to inform the Uechi community, that he will be teaching seminars throughout this years’ SummerFest.

Mark BrelsfordAlthough Mark has studied on Okinawa from most of the famous Uechi-ryu masters, including GrandMaster Kanei Uechi, he considers himself first and foremost, a Tsutomu Nakahodo student.

Mark will be teaching many of Nakahodo’s training secrets and techniques we have all heard so much about.

Masters’ Celebration at SummerFest!
I recommended to the IUKF Board of Directors that this year’s we honor Art RabesaShihan Art Rabesa with the promotion to Kyudan (9th degree black belt) and the title of “Hanchi”. (3 gold stripes). After a brief discussion, where Art’s long and distinguished martial art career was relived, his illustrious teaching career and the publication of his two textbooks (“Kumite” and “Explosive Karate”), the Board unanimously approved my recommendation.
Board member Harry Skeffington will once again host the Masters’ Celebration on Saturday evening, July 28th. Following the introduction and kata performances of 6th dan – 8th dan awardees, I will be presenting IUKF certificates and embroidered belts to Van Canna (an earlier awardee) and Rabesa.
This has been quite an amazing year. I am so pleased that many of my Uechi friends and comrades have contacted me, asking if they could help out by teaching at this year’s SummerFest.

In addition to all the senior Uechi instructors, a number of our “friends of Uechi” are on our schedule this year. John Hassell will be with us all three days, teaching traditional Okinawan Bo. (As will “Windsong” Blake and Tracy Capone.  I’m especially honored to welcome Kyusho expert, Shihan Evan Pantazi, who this year will be working with Shihan Bill Glasheen – exploring the fascinating 4th kata investigation, demonstrating both the link to Uechi-ryu and the Kyusho applications of this complex kata that lie just beneath the normal level of performance most see in Superempi.

Memorable SummerFest Happenings!Buzz Durkin
This just in from Sensei Buzz Durkin. . .
Dear Sensei:
It was great speaking with you on the phone the other day. Once again, we really enjoyed having you at this year’s Graduation Ceremony. The students are still talking about how awesome it was to have you there.
I am happy to be attending this year’s Summerfest along with a number of my senior students and other Butokukai dojo owners and their students. I am excited about this year’s theme “All is in Uechi-ryu.”
The Uechi curriculum really does address so many of the challenges that today’s student faces. The ability to stay healthy, fit, focused and flexible can be developed so beautifully through our system.
The very best Uechi teachers are using our wonderful curriculum to help students face and overcome life’s challenges and to live more productive lives. The kata, especially, is the perfect vehicle through which students can develop mentally, physically, and spiritually.
I’m sure it is very gratifying for you to see teachers with this understanding, instructing full classes every night at their schools and affecting so many lives in a positive manner. I’m glad so many of the teachers who understand this concept will be sharing their knowledge at the Camp.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
                                         All the best,

Jim Stretching seminar
This year’s SummerFest will be focusing on the art of Uechi-ryu. . . looking at our training from the perspective of different senior instructors.
Jim Witherall (right) is one of Uechi-ryu’s most talented instructor. He has won numerous tournaments in both kata and kumite and is respected throughout the martial art world. Jim attributes much of his success in the ring to his flexibility. . . something most Uechi practitioners don’t have.
Jim will be teaching exercises that will help all Uechi students increase their flexibility and in the process, improve their overall Uechi-ryu performance.

Brooks Bowen (left), one of many instructors who will be teaching at JuniorFest.
Sensei Ken Schiff and his team are in charge of the all-day program that includes classes in Uechi-ryu, traditional Okinawa weapons and basic self-defense techniques. Classes are geared to kids of all ranks, including beginners.
JuniorFest will be conducted on Saturday, July 28th from 9AM until 4PM. Lunch is included.
Sensei Rose Dyer and her team will also be teaching at JuniorFest. Her “kidsSmart” programs are both entertaining and educational. Advanced ranked kids have the option to work out with the adult Uechi classes


Sifu Chin and He
Sifu Calvin Chin (An early Mattson Academy Black Belt) brought many of his students to SummerFest and taught a couple of open seminars for the participants.

During an “Under The Tent” seminar, Calvin and another honored guest from China, Sifu He, decided to compare “push-hands” skills for their audience. What a fantastic demonstration of skill, balance, timing and strength!

What began as a simple demonstration, slowly evolved into a full-blasted competitions. After a spirited and aggressive match lasting well over five minutes, by mutual consent, both agreed to a draw! Most of us had seen “push hands” performed before, but never by two Sifu with the experience and skill of these two experts.

SummerFest – Where new friends are made –
And old friendships renewed!

Fedele & Len

Would you believe some regulars have attended every camp held since 1983!! Sure, they enjoy the three days of intense workouts and the fun evenings sampling as many of the activities as possible while catching up on all the news since last year.

Yes, the music is great, demonstrations spectacular and the sea breeze refreshing. But the most pleasurable experience of all is simply spending a couple hours with old friends or joining a group of “old-timers” and listening to all the tournament stories of the 60s – 90s… you know, where the matches get tougher every time stories are told and the Tiger Kanbun killed gets larger with each telling!
Maloney pressure points
Stories about the early SummerFests also get more interesting with time. How many of us still remember the camps where the Uechi family participated – where Yonamine and all the other senior Okinawan masters attended and impressed the participants with their skills and strength.

How many of us are still around who recall the first “Hall of Fame” awards banquet, following five days and nights of strenuous workouts and activities on Thompson’s Island. Remember the Island runs every morning? I wonder what happened to Klaus – the impressive long distance runner who led us on these exploratory runs around the Island? Few will remember that Klaus also ran the Boston Marathon wearing his karate gi and combat boots – finishing in quite respectable time.

How many of us remember the Thompson Island cookout; the one where grandmaster Kanei Uechi serinaded the group playing his Samisam and singing ancient Okinawan songs?
training at night
On July 27 – 29th, I will be hosting yet another memorable SummerFest. Many of the original participants will be once again attending and helping to make this event one of the most exciting and impressive martial art event of the year.

Susan and I are looking forward to greeting old friends and making many more new acquaintances this year. Please click one of the photos to view the official SummerFest website, where tentative schedules are posted and an application is available for you to fill out and return to me ASAP.

Please talk up SummerFest in your dojo and try to bring a few friends with you. I promise you won’t be disappointed. GEM

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