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Pre-Summer Camp Developments 2007

by George Mattson
Original students of Sensei George Mattson Van Canna and Art Rabesa will be honored at Summer Camp on Saturday night, where they will receive their 9th Dan certificates from the IUKF.  This will be an historic evening.
The IUKF Board is currently discussing and developing a set of guidelines for conferring the titles of Renshi, Kyoshi, Hanshi as well as Shihan.  Age, rank, and accomplishments are being considered.  It appears likely that the IUKF will be offering the title of Renshi as early as Godan, to those who have made special contributions to the art.
A Master’s and Titles committee has been established, and its members are George Mattson, Van Canna, Art Rabesa, Joan Neide and Bill Glasheen.  Its task will be to review the qualifications of Uechika recommended for promotion above Godan.  This group will also help deserving candidates to qualify for honorary titles.  They will review the individual’s service and contributions, plus their impact on students and the art.
George has assembled a fine group of presenters for the 2007 Summer Camp.  The emphasis this year is on re-invigorating our Uechi practice, sharpening our skills and enhancing our appreciation for the depth of our art.  There will be an outstanding selection of sessions from which to choose, each and every day of this event.  If you can attend even one day, I urge you to take advantage of this special three-day weekend.   The things you’ll see will supply your training with inspiration that will last throughout the year!
Best wishes,
Paul Haydu
We hope you can make this rewarding yearly summer event.


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