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IUKF Titles Application Due!!!

by George Mattson

Hi IUKF Members:

I would like to get a reminder up on your site that all applications for titles need to be submitted to us before May 1. There was just too much running around at the last minute this past year.

We also wanted to remind people that most know when they are approaching consideration for a title and they should not wait until they have been nominated or wait until the last minute to start working on their presentation. Most after 20 plus years of study have an idea of something they would like to write about or something they would like to share with the Uechi community. If not then it is even more of a reason to get an early start on finding a subject to present. We the committee would even be willing to interview the candidate to find where their interests lie and help them choose a subject.

Paul and I in a recent conversation discussed the possibility of people running out of subjects to choose, and proceeded  to come up with half a dozen ourselves. We also want it to be know that we the committee are here to encourage people to pursue titles not discourage. We will help walk you through the process. You can use either of our e-mail to apply for titles, and we will then bring it to the committee for consideration.

Bruce Witherell  – ariesent@Qaol.com

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