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Historic Superempi Interview & Demo

by George Mattson
Simon Lailey performing Superempi.

Simon Lailey performing Superempi.

Simon Lailey discovered Superempi during his journey and studies in China. He introduced the kata to the rest of the world in the mid 90s during his visit to Boston and his interview with me, followed by his Summerfest seminars that year.

The interview and demonstrations were published in the new video magazine, issue # 6 in 1996 and the rest is history. Whether the kata is indeed the lost 4th form in Uechi-ryu will probably never be fully resolved, but for thousands of practitioners, the kata will continue to be practiced, studied and appreciated.

The videos were converted to digital a number of years ago and then forgotten. Bill Glasheen’s Superempi dvd was created a few years later and Bill did a great job “Uechi-sizing” some of the goju flavors from the lengthy set. During my recent housekeeping of memorabilia, the original dvd was discovered and selected to be the second offering for this series.

Besides the lengthy interview with Simon and his full speed and slow motion study of the kata, the dvd also contains an interesting commentary by me on the subject of kyu promotions. The material is presented in a two dvd package and has been upgraded with a table of contents and chapters.links. Click here to purchase.

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