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Glasheen Talks Politics

by George Mattson

Glasheen Talks Politics….

It all began with a post from Adam, one of our very active Canadian "forumite" poster. What would a martial art site be without a couple of discussions pertaining to the USA’s next presidential election. . . [Check it out here]

REPUBLICANS: Please vote for John McCain. Watching the debate, the only guy not to scare the crap out of me was that man.(yes i know, old debate)

He was *GASP* against torture.(too bad nobody applauded that)

I’m pretty liberal politically, but if the republicans were to come into power, id rather have him sitting on the throne then anyone else.

I don’t agree with all his views, but at least he’s who he says he is, and unlike someone, he actually fought in a war and suffered for it.

It’s a shame he’s unpopular.

Bill Responds. . .

I like John McCain because he’s one of the few politicians who doesn’t pander to what the public wants. Most of the rest of them are spineless. John’s views have been pretty consistent for years. You know what you’re getting with him. His biggest weakness is a lack of charisma.

I saw Richardson being interviewed on Meet The Press a few Sundays ago. The guy’s a joke. He two-faces every issue he talks about. Forgetaboutit. He’ll never last.

Hillary is a polarizing figure, for sure. But as much as she scares me, she really is one smart cookie. I always thought the same about Bill Clinton. Most of his views scared the you-know-what out of me. But he was a very smart man who seemed to be able to get things done. More importantly, Clinton had a Republican Congress who wouldn’t let him spend a dime. It was a beautiful combination. That’s why we had balanced budgets.

Obama is the new kid, and has the appearance of being sharp. But I don’t see much wisdom there, and he’s a bit too liberal for me. His universal health care proposal is going to go over about as well as Hillary care. Remember that? (1993) It was DOA about 2 months after Bill set her loose on it. It’ll never happen.

Don’t get me started on John "the crook" Edwards. Thankfully I don’t think he’ll win. Enough people see through that "two Americas" BS to see what a phoney he is, never mind his immoral ambulance chasing activities. I have enough faith in our public that I don’t see him making it. And besides, he’s a whining, overly-apologetic weenie. (You’d never guess I hate him)

As for the other two front running Republicans… Our friend from Massachusetts may have the face and the Romney name. But he can’t hold a view (e.g. abortion) any longer than it takes to win an election. I can’t see that kind of blow-in-the-wind politician surviving. Too bad… He otherwise seems to be a nice guy.

Rudy I believe is going to survive it all if he can rally enough support from the Evangelicals in Middle America. That’ll be a tough sell. They don’t like his views on abortion, and the NRA isn’t wild about his views on gun control. But like McCain, he won’t bend to suit a fickle public. That strength and what appears to be a centrist view just might bring him to the finish line.

That’s my view of it all for now, and it’s worth all of 2 cents and some change.
– Bill

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