Dec 21 2006

Blind Date with Sanchin

Blind date with Sanchin…
By Eva (From Belgium)

Sounds like a crazy idea but actually it is a wonderful experience.Why I would like to share this with you is partly because I feel that there will be a lot of new things to discover. On the other hand because I am interested to know if there are any other people who ever practiced Sanchin in this way?With a few adventurous fellow karateka got the crazy idea to run Sanchin blind.So based on trust that everybody keeps his/her eyes closed we started to do the kata.

First time there was some slight confusion. We all felt uncertainty where reached the point to turn direction. Everybody noticed that ears worked like powerful “radars”.

Most of us ended with a slightly degree difference from our start position.

I found interesting that my end position was 45° left to my start position. I knew there was a stage in the right so I consciously tried to avoid running against it. I guess I lost senses of distance to the object so before started the kata second time I looked at that object and realized it is far away to cause me any trouble. This made changes .I ended with 15° difference to the left from my start position.

I thought this happens because of that object but tried at home and still my Sanchin ends with a slightly degree left to start position

Why? I couldn’t figure out yet .

Experience things differently when your eyes closed could produces nice results.

I would like to know your opinions, thoughts, experience regarding this issue. It could help me and serve as a correction for my mistakes.

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