Dec 03 2006

RedMan Training. . .

Holiday Special
From Dave Young!

Bring a friend with you to the March Training
– FREE-!

Dave is offering a 2 for 1 holiday special to everyone who registers for the March program before January 4, 2007!

RedMan Training for Martial Artists!!

This RedMan “Realist Instructor Certification” program

is conducted in a three day format consisting of 10 hours per day.

This special enhancement program was designed for martial artists of all styles who wish to participate in this new and exciting “Instructor Certification System (ICS) that is added to your current traditional or non-traditional training.

This is sanctioned by the International Uechi-Ryu Karate Federation (IUKF), and South China Martial Arts Alliance (SCMAA). . The first training session will cover the basic and advanced tactics and requirements for achieving your first realism stripe. Once your own students have successfully completed this additional training, and testing process, you can issue them our Realist Stripe.

There are 5, twenty-four hours phases to complete before you are awarded your Realist Instructor Trainer Certification, and awarded a Realism Self Defense Diploma from Northcentral Technical College.

Location: Mount Dora, FL
Cost: 3-Days $395.00
Date: March 26-28, 2007
Times: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Links: Poster for your Dojo

Application form, to be sent to Northcentral Technical College:

All Martial Art Brown and Black Belts are invited!

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Dec 01 2006

“No Touch” Discussion…. Again…

"No Touch" Discussion. . . Again

 no touch
 no touch woops
Seems as though every six months or so, some martial artist discovers the magical world of "no touch" self defense.

I’m always impressed that the most charismatic of the "no touch" masters are able to actually build dojos and attract hundreds or more devotees. Not only are these followers attending classes where they discover and enhance their innate abilities to wave hands to dispense knife/club wielding foes, but they do all this without engaging in all those exercises and drills the rest of their martial art associates must practice endlessly.

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Nov 30 2006

Neat, but what is it????

Neat, but what is it?

… A new sophisticated kid’s game?

… A modern airplane?
Check out the “Best of the Best” Forum to find out.
While you are there, post a picture and short description about a product or service that you feel deserves a pat on the back.
Don’t forget to check out the other fine forums as well. Some really fine discussions going on about the martial arts and many other subjects. At the very top of the forums you will find a complete section on many topics relating to Uechi-ryu. You are welcome to drop in and join our friendly family.

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Nov 29 2006

You knew it had to happen. . .

You Knew It Had To Happen! . . .

A very smart group of business people joined forces with a very sharp technical and creative team and the Martial Art Channel was born.

Unlike many attempts in the past to create low budget web TV, this project took its time, did the necessary homework and came up with a very classy and entertaining web program.
I learned about it early on and would drop in from time to time to check out progress. Being the only such program available and the likelihood of competition very slim, the M.A. Channel should attract all the super stars in our industry as fodder for interviews and amateur “jock-casters” offering blow by blow commentary during tournament, MMA events and even traditional dojo instruction.
Of course, watching these clips on even cable or DSL connections is often like watching one of those old Chinese fight flicks where the actors dubbed voice is completely out of sync with his mouth. Hopefully this side of INTERNET technology will catch up with the production quality of this channel.
You can view the MA Channel by clicking on “Galleries” in the left frame, then MA Channel. Its not perfect, but it is our love child and I know it will continue to grow and improve. This is a professional team with a fantastic idea. Click Here to view!

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Nov 28 2006

Fighting the trained Wolf Pack

Fighting The Trained Wolf Pack

by Darren Laur (click on title to participate in this discussion)

Several years ago I wrote an article called, “Fighting Multiple Opponents” which can be found at: Click Here!

In this article, the first sentence of the last paragraph I wrote stated:

“ I have trained to fight the wolf pack, but I doubt the wolf pack has trained to fight cohesively against me”

Well, as reality does sometimes, I need to reframe my beliefs specific to this issue. Although the principles of my original article still stand from a tactical and strategic standpoint, the issue of a coordinated Wolf Pack attack, although a rarity, CAN BE a reality. I offer the following links for your viewing to demonstrate coordinated Wolf Pack training with criminal intent (to view you must sign up with, which is free):

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Nov 28 2006

The Justice System is Crap!

The Justice System is crap

I read an article the other day. A woman is crying racism and foul because her brother (of a minority) was killed after he tried to strangle a man with booster cables while declaring he was gong to kill the guy and then rape his girlfriend.

The Crown prosecutor is reviewing to see if excessive force was used.

The attacker’s actions have been confirmed.

And this is one of the reason we have so many knifing by young thugs in Edmonton these days.

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Nov 27 2006

Aikido: The Complete Basic Techniques

Aikido: The Complete Basic Techniques
by Gozo Shioda:
Review by George E. Mattson
I’ve always been interested in Aikido. In my estimation, it’s an art karate practitioners won’t appreciate until they have evolved way beyond their basic understanding and practice of their core system.

Twenty, thirty or more years into their practice of hard karate, many will be able to pick up a book such as Gozo Shioda’s and be able to read and view the lessons as logical extensions to what they now teach and practice.

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Nov 26 2006

“In The Dojo

“In the Dojo”, by Dave Lowry

I receive quite a few books from publishers that I try to read and review. those that deal strictly with technique and rehashed material I put aside or send to others to read and review. The Aikido book was an exception, since the techniques were so fantastic to view, try and practice. It was a book that had to be read immediately and savored for a lifetime.

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Nov 25 2006

Strength for the Streets

Frank DeMeoBOOK RELEASED Strenght for the Streets _
by my long time ago student, Frank DeMeo.
                                     by Van Canna

This is a training package geared towards trainer and /or coaches who want to enhance their offerings to their clients.

It also has online support for one year included.

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Nov 25 2006

Casino Royale faithful to Fleming – and authentic

Casino Royale faithful to Fleming – and authentic

by Bill Glasheen

Casino Royale was Ian Fleming’s first James Bond (007) novel. When it was introduced in 1952, it was quite racey by those days’ standards. Today however these are just "good books."

Those who grew up learning about 007 via the Hollywood screen rather than reading Ian Fleming have missed out on a lot. Gadgets and sex became more important than plot. In fact when you look at the original novels that many of the movies are based on, you’ll think that Hollywood had a disdain for plot. I guess that’s the result of B-rate directors and producers working with B-rate business people. Neither of them get it.

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