Jul 06 2009

July 2009 Newsletter


Here is the latest Newsletter regarding this year’s SummerFest:

Susan informs me that the deadline for all applications sent by mail must be postmarked by July 15th. Faxed and email applications will be accepted until July 15th.
We will not have access to mail, emails and faxes after that.

All discounts end today!   (July 9th)

You may bring an application to SummerFest to save time registering. You must pay in cash and will be able to purchase meals at the dining room entrance.

If you are not a SummerFest participant, entrance to the Masters’ Celebration on Saturday will cost $20. No exceptions!

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2009 SummerFest Highlights

July 24 – 26, 2009

in this issue

:: IUKF sponsoring “Protectors” Seminar at SummerFest

:: “All is in Uechi-ryu”

:: Masters’ Celebration

:: Shinkendo Sword Seminar

You don’t want to miss this year’s SummerFest!!!

George Mattson at 1983 campGreetings,
Tough times call for tough counter actions. During this economic recession people aren’t sleeping enough, eating junk food and reacting to stress in all the wrong ways. We’ve been there before and the best way to deal with adversity is to focus first and foremost on making your body healthy and mind calm.

We are in a battle and we must learn to act and live like warriors. Now is the time to focus on all the good things in your life, especially your Uechi-ryu training. There is nothing that can defeat you but your own fears and lack of confidence.

This year the theme at SummerFest is “Fitness & Health = Self defense and Confidence!” A winning Uechi-ryu combination!
My Uechi-ryu colleagues and I will working very hard at SummerFest this year, teaching many new and interesting ways of studying our style. . . ways that are different from anything you may have envisioned. It is preservation of the old ways along with exploration of those “old” ways using modern and innovative methods. In addition, we will have many Uechi-compatible martial art seminars that will provide fresh and new insights into the Uechi-ryu core methods.

I am most pleased to learn that Roy Bedard and Adam Faurot were able to clear their hectic and full schedule and will be teaching a fascinating physical/mental program called the “Protectors” on Friday and Saturday. I’ve participated in physical elements of the program and special monitoring that is part of the program and I can honestly say. . . This is the very finest overall fitness program ever created. You will be blown away by the completeness of the program. . . and most interesting, a program that can be implemented by a dojo. This, in my estimation, is a program that can help a dojo fulfill the promises of offering “A complete self-defense solution!”

Protector’s Seminars. . . .
Friday and Saturday session.s
For Dojo owners and Students!

We will be returning to camp this year to share with the attendees a portion of our PROTECTORS program which was developed over the past several years and is now being distributed throughout the USA in a TRAIN-THE-TRAINER model.The PROTECTORS fitness program was originally designed to condition members of select occupations for job readiness. 

Our PROTECTORS are represented by police, military, fire services, EMS, Corrections and Private Security. Recently there has been a groundswell of support to change the culture of public safety by preparing and maintaining employee fitness standards.

Our unique training program is built upon job task analysis and is structured to developing parts of the body compromised by the rigors of occupational duty.

We teach techniques that conquer hypertension, develop strong hearts, reduce obesity, and strengthen joint, ligament, tendon and connective tissue. There is a nutritional and mental health component also built in to create the complete PROTECTORS program.

By focusing on the “five qualities” of speed. strength, agility, mobility and endurance we can not only help PROTECTORS stay healthy over the course of a 25+ year career, but can also create more efficient and more effective personnel and contribute to the mission of their life saving endeavors.

We are happy to present this course to the martial arts community who will be interested in learning about the program for personal development as well as sharing with PROTECTORS members within their own communities. Our techniques can be quickly integrated into an existing martial arts curriculum, or taught independently as a larger full fitness training program.

We will also show and demonstrate the ACTIGRAPH, our technology component which allows us to monitor and validate all of our exercise routines to gauge the desired effect. This component, along with the training program was recently introduced to the NAVY SEALS and is currently being explored by BUDS training coaches and mentors.

The program will be presented at SUMMERCAMP by Adam Faurot, President of TITUS fitness and Roy Bedard, V.P of the PROTECTORS program. You can go to www.protectorsperformance.com to see more.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


All is in Uechi-ryu
Learning how to “read” your kata!

gemattson-early 60s photoGeorge Mattson and his senior students will be presenting many seminars focusing on the “art of Uechi-ryu”. . . and art that happens to use self-defense.

Seminars will work on the “tools” of Uechi that form the core system taught by Kanbun and Kanei Uechi and so brilliantly conveyed through the teachings of Ryuko Tomoyose.

Learn the real purpose of the kata and how the “old ways” are still the best for instilling confidence and purpose into those simple kata moves.

Discover the “old” way of progressing through the learning cycle of Uechi-ryu. . . a meaningful and workable method of taking your Uechi “exercises” and converting them into progressive steps in a dynamic and modern program.

There will be a class every hour on this important subject!!!

Saturday Evening Masters Celebration. . .
A chance to honor our senior students

Two of Uechi-ryu pioneer women, Rose Dyer and Toni West will be honored Saturday evening by being awarded the rank of Rokudan and the title of Renshi. You will be mesmorized by their kata performance, in spite of their physical disabilities. They both are supreme examples of Karate Spirit, faced with adversity and how, with extraordinary warrior spirit and heart, were able to continue teaching and practicing their Uechi-ryu.

Ken Read and Bruce Hirabiashi will also be honored with their master ratings and titles.

Jack Summers

Jack Summers, kyudan, will also be attending and accepting his Lifetime Achievement award. In 1943, John Summers, at the age of 17 ½ , enlisted in the US Marine Corps.  A decorated World War II warrior; he fought i
n the Pacific and was wounded at the battle of Iwo Jima.  John Summers, better known as “Jack,” has been training in the martial arts since the early 1950’s.

Shinkendo Sword Seminar
Friday Event you don’t want to miss!!

ObataPlease convey to Sensei Mattson that I am deeply honored to present Shinkendo at the upcoming camp. The best day for me would be (friday) 7/24, in the early afternoon. I have attached a brief outline of the seminar.

Obata Toshishiro is the founder and headmaster of Shinkendo Japanese Swordsmanship. “Shin (True) – Ken (Sword) – Do (Way)” is a system of Japanese swordsmanship which incorporates all aspects of sword study. 
True, deep study of Japanese Swordsmanship must involve many interlocking concepts. In Shinkendo, these five aspects of swordsmanship, Suburi, Battoho, Tanrengata, Tachiuchi, and Tameshigiri are like five interlocking rings. All five aspects have some relation to the other rings. This is the foundation of a comprehensive study of swordsmanship. It allows for one to view the techniques from a larger perspective and pursue them deeply.

Suburi – Swinging and Basics
Suburi means sword swinging practice. In Shinkendo this term is used to define basic sword movements, correct footwork, and body movement practices.

Battoho – Combative Drawing and Re-sheathing
Shinkendo teaches how to draw the sword combatively, and re-sheath it safely. This training is called Battoho.

Tanrengata – Main Solo Forms
The main solo forms practiced in Shinkendo are called Tanrengata. Shinkendo kata emphasize fluid movement, graceful balance shifting, and effective body/sword mechanics.

Tachiuchi – Partnered Training
In Shinkendo kumite (sparring) is practiced as Tachiuchi, or two-person prearranged exercises.

Tameshigiri – Target Cutting Practice
Tameshigiri is the practice of using real swords and target material to test the swordsman’s accuracy and form.

The Introduction to Japanese Swordsmanship, Shinkendo Seminar is presented by the chief instructor of Shinkendo Shoshinkan Dojo, Shaffee Bacchus-sensei. The goal of this seminar is to foster a deeper understanding of Budo through exposure to other martial arts such as Japanese Swordsmanship. Shaffee-Sensei studied at Shinkendo New York Dojo and directly with Obata Toshishiro-Kaiso the headmaster and founder of Shinkendo. He is currently a licensed instructor in Shinkendo, Toyama Ryu and Bojutsu.  
The seminar will outline the five aspects of Shinkendo focusing on practical and philosophical application of swordsmanship to everyday life and self defense.

SummerFest Special

“Newsletter Special” when signing up for Summerfest and Susan will deduct $25 from the program’s price.


Let’s try and make this camp a success, people, if only for the fact it brings so many of us together in merriment…High-spirited fun and enjoyment, in addition to some quality seminars on technique and self protection.

We should know by now that learning is an ongoing life process, and learning takes many manifestations clad in what we usually take for granted.

And, who knows_ someday these camps may become a thing of the past_and there will be bitter tears to shed whether you know it or not.

Tears at having let our ‘diminishing’ selves get in the way of the celebration of some of the best moments in the short years of our lives that have become the grist of time.

Get to camp, will you, and lets have a drink together.
Van Canna

Click here for the print application.
Click here for on-line store application.

Don’t forget the Friday evening soccer match! Two semi-pro teams will be demonstrating the sport and welcome any Uechi soccer players to participate. Be sure to bring you soccer shoes and shin guards. The object is to have fun and perhaps learn a little about this great sport. Friday evening – 7PM – 8:30PM

Entertainment in the Lounge Friday and Saturday 8PM-11PM. A Uechi tradition and really great time to meet new friends and catch up on what’s happening with old friends!

And. . . of course. . . Don’t forget the Saturday FireDragon Challenge!


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Jul 02 2009

SummerFest Update July 5th

joe_pomfretSummerFest Updates. . .

7/15/2009: Good news! Joe Pomfret just called and he will be coming to SummerFest and will be teaching seminars in ground fighting. No question – Joe is the absolute best MMA teacher . . . anywhere! Be sure to bring an old Gi or shorts and a tshirt. You will love the way Joe teaches and you will learn a great deal about the finer points of this science!

7/12/2009: In case you need directions to the Maritime Academy, CLICK HERE!

7/10/2009: Posting of Teams for this year’s event. If I left your name off, it was an accident. Please send me an email. Click Here to view!

7/10/2009: SummerFest Schedule Summary Posted Here.

7/8/2009: Don’t forget the JuniorFest which will be held all day Saturday. Fred Channel and his team will be heading up this program, aided by a number of senior instructors. JuniorFest will begin at 9AM with a break for lunch at 11AM. The afternoon session will begin at 1PM and end at 3PM. Some of the sessions will be indoors.






7/6/2009: Had a meeting with the IUKF membership director and treasurer this afternoon. He said there was no link on the home page for the SummerFest application!!! MY BAD! So one will be going up in a few minutes. . . check the very top frame of this page please.

Also. . . Received a disappointing e-mail this morning, stating that due to health issues, Jack Summers will not be able to attend the Masters’ Celebration this year. Sorry to hear this. We all wish Jack the very best and hope he is back to 100% very soon.

I just published my July Newsletter. Lots of information regarding this year’s SummerFest, including the IUKF sponsored “Protectors'” seminars, which will be conducted Friday and Saturday. Of course, most of our regular presenters will be there, helping me conduct four – five seminars every hour of the day, throughout the weekend. If you aren’t on my mailing list, send me an email and I’ll send you a copy: gmattson@uechi-ryu.com

Just heard from one of Uechi-ryu’s more “quiet” warriors, John Thurston! John considers Uechi-ryu to be his primary martial art, but he enjoys a number of other martial arts and is considered to be quite expert at them. This year, John will be introducing “Iron Shirt” training to our group:

I would attempt to present the “Iron Shirt” articulation of how one stands. It is what I call the “droopy scarecrow” posture.

One has to have faith in what one has been taught and not slip back and rely on muscle power.

No one in Uechi has ever bought in. However, it is an “optimizing practice” re: “rooting” to the earth.

I will forward one or two pics from “The Way of QiQong” and you have the bulk of the other points already in a reply I made to you.

People might say I am rooted enough, i hit hard enough, but the trick is to draw power from the earth to increase one’s Power without ‘additional” overstressing of the muscles .

Some pics to follow (Which I will be adding as I receive them)
Common Sense Demands You Learn to Defend Yourself

Whats happening at camp this year and why you should be there!

First off, a few people are saying this will be the first SummerFest where the weather will not be cooperating. . . Some are saying they are holding off registering because they are waiting to see if New England will finally get out of the Winter doldrums it has been in for the past three months. Some are predicting that New England won’t have a Summer this year! 🙂


Well. . . worse case scenario. . . SummerFest will carry on in the huge Maritime gymnasium, which will actually make a few participants happy. . . You see, not everyone likes to work outside while enduring ten hours of sun and wind! Personally, I enjoy the outdoor workouts and believe the Mattson luck will once again prevail and this year will be the 26th SummerFest where we will be blessed with fantastic weather, exciting and interesting seminars and workouts.

Check in daily. I’ll be posting information on activities and presenters.


George Mattson

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Jun 26 2009

Five Weapons of Uechi-ryu’s Hiraken Strike

Update from Darin Yee. . .


Hi George,

Can you please list on your site I will be canceling my July 11th event for children due to the time I need to spend on a couple of my kids look to get promoted at summer camp.  If they want this to happen, I can’t afford to let any Saturdays go.  I will still hold the August 7 adult get together.  I’ve already hired a band to play.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.  Thank you.



Five Weapons of Uechi-Ryu’s Hiraken Strike

1984 SummerFestBy Ethan Miller, nidan

While testing for my shodan test in 1994 one of the questions I was asked by the test board was to name a strike that was being shown. It was the hiraken, and I was then asked to explain how it was used. After I did this, I of course wondered. What was I missing? The hiraken strike often shows up as a single or double strike to the temple area. This is convenient, because the trusted “iron arm” position also acts to deflect a strike or lift the arms of an opponent. My experience with the hand position is that it is much more versatile. In fact it seems to me to be the most composite of the strikes seen in Uechi-Ryu. I have seen the hiraken demonstrated two different ways by very senior practitioners. I call the first “flat” and the second “closed”. The flat position has a gap between the top thumb knuckle and the fingertips. The closed position has the fingertips tucked behind the thumb knuckle tightly. These two positions alter the fist shape and stress one weapon over another. In fact other styles may name the two positions differently.

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Jun 23 2009

IUKF Annoucement



Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 07 2009

SummerFest Time!!!

Shihan Joe Pomfret!

Joe Pomfret will be a SummerFest Presenter again this year! Although there may be one or two of the 3/4 million people who visit this site every month who don’t know Shihan Pomfret or his superstar student, Joe Lauzon, I suspect the vast majority of you will recognize his name and incredible fighting skills.
What many of you may not appreciate, though, is that Joe is one of the world’s most talented as well as “gifted” martial art instructor, capable of clearly and simply transmitting his knowledge to students.

Even though Joe is a superb “ground” fighter, he has never abandoned his “stand-up” core-uechi-ryu fighting background. Joe and his students win many of their MMA matches with their powerhouse “standup” techniques.

Looking for a way to prepare for Joe’s seminars? Why not order Joe’s two DVD and begin practicing the fundamentals of ground fighting, taught by best.

Joe has two really great DVDs for sale on this site. The first one, VidMag 24: Joe Pomfret’s Grappling for ‘Stand-up’ Martial Artists is a “must have” video for the traditional “stand-up” martial artist. Learn the basics of GroundFighting, including the “Shoot”, “Hooks” and other very workable techniques. Learn how to get your opponent to the ground, how to keep him there and how to apply submission holds. Demonstratred and taught in an easily understood manner.

Pomfret’s RSD II

Joe Pomfret, assisted by Joe Lauzon, has come up with a dynamite follow-up to his fantastic basic grappling video. This DVD focuses on a new type of grappling pre-arranged kumite that Joe suggests will aid the traditional martial artist improve their ground fighting skill. Another “must have” for your library and one that you will use over and over in your training

See you “on the beach” for Sanchin!


George E. Mattson


Uechi Rocks Ts now available!

Order your Tshirts now! Available on your Uechi Store Site. Just CLICK HERE!

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Jun 04 2009

Uechi-ryu Seminars in Plymouth, MA

All are invited to workout in Plymouth, MA this Friday!. . .


Lets workout


An adult get-together will be on Friday, August 7. This event will start at 7pm with a light workout. At 8:30pm we will change back to our street cloths and go into our lounge where there will be a band waiting to play for our enjoyment. I will have munchies for us. If you would like some real food, I will ask the café to stay open for a heavier meal. I am asking for a $10 contribution from each adult but it’s not mandatory.


I would like to do this once a year so the Uechi family can get together in a non competitive situation and enjoy each other’s company in friendship and fun. Please invite your significant other to attend with you as I will hire a band and dancing is a definite possibility.

I will even make deals with neighboring hotels for you if you feel you live too far to drive after a few drinks. We hold many sports events here and have a very good relationship with many of the hotels.


I hope you will support this as we do not get together often enough to know, understand respect each other.

Strength, Honor and Respect,

Darin Yee


Click Here for directions and “JunglePlex website!

Darin Yee can be reached at 508-958-7000 should you have any questions.

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Jun 02 2009

New “Uechi Rocks” Tshirts

New Special edition “Uechi Rocks” T-shirts!

Max and Mia, two future Uechi Champions, designed a new Tshirt for this year’s SummerFest. And in today’s FedEx is the result! Available in all sizes and four colors. Very limited number will be available this week. Watch for details.


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May 25 2009

To Contribute Articles


We are looking for Uechi-ryu.com Editors:

The process is very simple. You must contact me and let me know the kind of column you would like. Although it doesn’t have to be martial art related, I’d prefer articles that would be of interest to the M.A community.

I’m looking for someone to cover the mixed martial art tournament scene. Someone else who would enjoy discussing Okinawa M.A. history. How about a column on “the teachers” of Uechi-ryu; especially articles on some of the many Okinawa teachers who don’t get a lot of publicity.

A good column requires interesting photographs. Our new website allows you to copy photos from the web or from your computer. Submitting an article is real simple as well. You just click a link, write your article and click a button. All the work is done for you.



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May 25 2009

SummerFest Archives

SummerFest Archives:

As we unearth old and forgotten articles and photographs, they will be included here in the “Archives”. If you have something interested that you would like to contribute, please e-mail either the length or the actual material to me and I will post it.

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May 25 2009

Local Lodging

Susan and I have checked out nearby Motels and have rated them based on location, facilities and cleanliness. I suggest that you make your reservations early, since our camp is conducted in “high” season when most rooms on the Cape are booked. Call Motels for information and reservations. Although we checked out these facilities, they are in no way associated with our camp or with the camp’s directors.

Susan’s Rating Motel Name Other ratings Address Price, if available
***** Bay Motor Inn AAA rated 223 Main St. Buzzards Bay MA 02532 Room rates available in Feb
**** Yankee Thrift Motel
Good value, lrg rooms, best w/full kitchen Rt28 & Trowbridge Rd $49 – $70
*** Buttermilk Bay Inn
60 years old. Near road to (rocky) Onset Beach 3224 Cranberry Highway, Buzzards Bay MA 02532 $75 – $190
**** Inn on Onset Bay
Large selection of cottages 181 Onset Ave Onset, MA 02558 Call
***** Onset Pointe Inn
Vry popular, may be booked! 9 Eagle Way
Onset MA 02558
$85 – $200
*** Eastern Inn
Good value 6 Bourne Bridge Approach Sat&Sun camp price: $190
*** Best Western
Nice but expensive 100 Trowbridge Rd. Bourne, MA 02532 $139 – $169

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