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Registering on Eastern Arts Forums

by George Mattson

Wow! What a pain in the rear!

BOT registrations! Those computer generated registrations that have been clogging my email with hundreds of phony registrations a day for the past year.

I finally figured out a way to at least temporarily stop them. The reason for this FAQ is to let any new legitimate registrant know that they only get one attempt to answer the question (one of three possible ones) before the registration process locks you out.

The questions are easy. . . ones that any student of Uechi-ryu should know. . . However, many of our current members are not Uechi practitioners and therefore may run into the same problem the computer Bots run into and all you have to do is email me and I’ll send you the answers before you register again.

And be sure to register with your real name.

George Mattson

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