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Navigate the Store!

by George Mattson

You can navigate to our store by CLICKING HERE!


Once you are in the home page of the store, check out the items in the left frame. Click on the category or item listed there and you will be taken to that product’s section.

Select the individual item you wish to purchase or get more information on and click on the photograph or description (If there is no picture).

When you have made your selection, be sure to click any drop-down menue and chose any options for the product selected. Finally, click on “add to cart”. Once you are in your “shopping cart”, you can click “Continue Shopping” or “Check Out”.

When you have finished shopping and have clicked “Check Out”, you will be taken to the “Check Out” section where, if you are shopping here for the first time, you have the option of “Skip Sign-up” or to  “Sign Up” in the right frame for a “Quick Check-out Account”. (Once you have signed up, the next time you shop, you can just fill out the short-form in the left frame.)

Be sure to fill all form items containing a * . Be sure to use an e-mail address that you will be keeping and be sure to write down the password you select.

Once your complete filling out the “quick check-out application” or elect to simply “skip sign-up”, you will automatically be taken to the final check-out form.

Fill out the form accurately and click “submit”.


Should you have any trouble with the process, send me an e-mail describing your problem.


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