May 25 2009

Post to the Forums

How Do I Post to the Forums?

must register for the forums. It is a different website from Uechi-ryu.com.

1.Go to top of page (of the forums) and click on “register”.

2.In the “registration agreement terms”, click “I agree to. . .” on bottom of page.

3.Fill out the registration form. (be sure to complete every entry with a “*”.

4.Click “Submit”

The registration form goes to me for approval.

5.You will get an “approval” notice at the e-mail address you registered at.

6.Go to the forums and “log-in”, using your user name and password that you used to register. Be sure to click the option to have your computer log you in automatically.

Once you are logged-in and you have read the various posts, we are hoping you will “jump-in” and introduce yourself to the readers.

More information:


Please Read Carefully:

To participate in the Forums, you must register and you must use your real name. Because a few very persistant “children-at-hearts” spend all their free time sending in bogus registrations, I simply delete all dumb “usernames” like “iamadummy” immediately! If, for some reason I deleted your legitimate registration, please send me an e-mail with your full name, address, phone number (which I check) and the username you will be registering. I will then be watching for it and will activate your username.

Thanks. — GEM

Section 1(The Archives) : Uechi-ryu Online Kyohon

This section consists of the “Best of the Best” posts and threads from all the active and retired forums since 1995. The four administrators who monitor and supervise the forums are in charge of selecting the “threads” and posts added to our archives.

Please read and understand our rules!

Section 2: Community Discussions

Here are where the active discussions take place. Our rules are strictly enforced. Offending posts are deleted. Continued inappropriate behavior will result in banning.

These forums are the property of Eastern Arts. a 501-c-3 non profit corporation. The rules under which people are allowed to use these forums will be stictly enforced.

Section 3: Specialty Forums

As the name implies, this section will focus on areas with special appeal and with a smaller audience.

Section 4: Marketplace & Events

We encourage martial art dojo and seminar presenters to post their activities here. News of SummerFest will also be posted and of course, people looking for a teacher or dojo are also invited to post. Spammers please do not waste your time – your spam will be deleted.

Technical Assistance: Computer & Web

Our fourm posters include many people who are both familiar with computers and are willing to share their knowledge with our community. Our on-line learning center is for IUKF members. Monthly meetings and seminars on many subjects take place there.

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